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JUICY  OR NOT JUICY MINISTRIES/DEPARTMENTS/AGENCIES OF GOVERNMENT: RESTORING THE PRESTIGE OF THE CIVIL SERVICE It sounds absurd and demeaning for people who should know to start talking about juicy or non-juicy Ministries/Departments/Agencies at the three tiers of government. Whoever is posted to any of these government establishments is representing the President/Governor/Local Government Chairman and not his or her locality. Even socio-cultural organzations fight on behalf of their tribes for juicy positions. Pray, is the appointee going there for juice or to carry out the directives of the big boss who is the appointing authority, and whom he or she represents? If I fight for a juicy position on behalf of anybody, that means I expect to be compensated in one form or the other. Additionally, anybody representing Mr. President and Mr. Governor in any Ministry/Department/Agency of government would not have been appointed to champion the cause of a defined territory. The whole country in the constituency of the President while the whole State is the constituency of the Governor. Those who should do so are Members of the National Assembly who are elected by their constituents to represent them. I hold the conviction that seniority, merit, competence and inherent capabilities should be the overriding consideration in such matters and not place of origin. After all, the quality of inputs of these public officers would ultimately affect the general citizenry and not any particular part of the state. I want to advocate a style that would make heads of governments sack immediately, public servants who offer guidance with the objective of misleading their bosses to act in a way that favours their areas to the detriment of other areas which should naturally be affected by such recommended actions. Regrettably, it is now possible indolent public servants to rise to the pinnacle on account of quota or federal character while intelligent, efficient and brilliant hands are superseded by their lazy contemporaries and juniors. The result is that there is always serious lobbying by public servants due for promotion, especially at the top echelon of the service. It should be naturally expected that civil servants know one another’s inherent capabilities, thus making it impossible for those who manouvre to bag top appointments to be respected by their peers and superiors.  Regrettably, intrigues have reared their ugly heads in the system, with favouritism, on account of race, tribe and religion gaining the upper hand…

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