Sunday, March 7, 2021
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‘’Governors would rather troop out to Abuja on a monthly basis to get their share in the monthly distribution of the Federation Account which, because it is “awuff”, can easily be misappropriated to personal and other uses. The challenge of seriously seeking and exploiting innovative and more robust and enduring ways of generating resources for the good governance of their States was hardly contemplated by many State Governments.’’  – Prof. Akin Mabogunje In Part 1 of this publication yesterday, we brought you the scholarly views of Prof Akin Mabogunje on the political situation in NIGERIA. He opened with the assertion that: ‘’ I have therefore divided the lecture into four parts. The first examines the nature and legacy of the military era in the governance of this country. I have referred to this legacy as the rise and fall of the “awuff” society. The second part then assesses the twist this legacy has made in leaving the nation with a most expensive and dysfunctional governance system at the federal, state and local level in the country. The third section attempts to show how the nation can get itself out of this morass by looking intelligently at its own rich historical and cultural experience in governance whilst the fourth presents some lessons of international experience especially of countries similarly caught in a situation of sudden access to “windfall revenue” from petroleum resources such as ours but which made more prudent and sustainable choices than we did about what to do with the windfall. A concluding section considers the way forward in the context of the recent National Conference and other attempts to amend our present flawed Constitution.’’ We closed Part 1 of the brilliant discourse with this declaration: ‘’Similarly, the question of the tenure of office of a government under a Prime Minister is based on the ability to muster a majority in the legislature and can be determined by a negative vote of confidence in the National Assembly. The Legislature thus elects its own Prime Minister and Ministers but these are formally approved by the President who also has the responsibility of formally dissolving the Legislature whenever its term expires. The Semi-Presidential system which is similar to what obtains in France and some 40 other countries has certain advantages that makes it more suitable for the Nigeria political situation than the American-type Presidential system. By preserving the system of a President…

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