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GOVERNANCE: AN INSIDER’S REFLECTIONS ON THE NIGERIAN POLITY — Preface by Prof. Tunde Adeniran, OFR Nigeria’s former Minister of Education & Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany

 AFRICA: The Game Changers & Dynamics of Power —  Author Femi Adelegan  X-Rays Development Challenges of Africa; Its Opulence & Pervasive Poverty & Its Potentials as the Next Frontier for the Global Economy.           

EXCERPTS FROM FOREWORD: By H.E. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR; former President, Federal Republic of Nigeria: Africa seems to have boxed itself into an uncomfortable state by acts of commission and omission on the part of the continent’s leaders. Poor management of the continent’s vast human and material resources over the years has been identified as one of its greatest banes. One factor that has often worked against development is what is described as “the leadership factor,” which this book has treated fairly exhaustively. Regrettably, Africa has been exploited and continues to be exploited by our so-called development partners. A rather sad phenomenon is that Africans, particularly the political leaders and elites, share in the blame of underdevelopment of the continent on account of poor governance culture, lack of clear vision, misplaced priorities, and the mismanagement of Africa’s huge resources – (both human and material) — that are our greatest endowments. — Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR; former President, Federal Republic of Nigeria

PREFACE By: Prof. Ibrahim Agboola Gambari, CFR:  For Africa, the road to freedom and unity has been rather long and tortuous as it has been negatively impacted by slavery and slave trade, and several destructive, senseless and avoidable wars and conflicts, compounded by scourges of poverty and disease. These regrettable developments resonate in the next two chapters that treat exhaustively the sub-themes: “The Problems of Africa and Military Intervention” and “Armed Conflicts in Africa”. He alludes to my statement at a United Nations Forum that “If you address the root causes of conflict, and if you accept that conflict and wars retard development – in no continent is this more true than in Africa, because one of the main reasons Africa is behind the rest of the world is precisely because it has the largest number of conflicts. People are not going to invest in countries of conflict, and without investment, both domestic and foreign, as they are not going to have production; they are not going to have employment, and it’s a vicious circle.”

The author highlights such important requirements as the need to re-awaken political leaders on the importance of good governance to societal development, encourage efforts towards the re-evaluation and proper utilization of the economic fortunes of Africa and the Black race, and also stimulate actions towards the reduction of the digital divide that impacts the black race through the proper implementation of the globalization agenda. It is to be noted, however, as I have pointed out in one of my papers, that the perpetrators of vices such as poor governance, corruption, impunity, and lack of transparency would not easily give up the privileges accruing to their practices.

Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, CFR — Former United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs and Nigeria’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs.

 GOVERNANCE: An Insider’s Reflections on the Nigerian Polity by Femi Adelegan —  A Book that challenges common definitions of governance

PREFACE By Prof. Tunde Adeniran, OFR — An excerpt from “Governance: An Insider’s Reflections on the Nigerian Polity”:  GOVERNANCE by Femi Adelegan, a time-tested bureaucrat and information manager whose technocratic instincts have kept within the precincts of power for several years is a comprehensive review of some fundamental issues in the governance of Nigeria from the perspective of an insider. His form and style do not permit of complete detachment and neither do they allow for a sentimental and racy tour of the issues and the pivotally important periods covered. The author’s versatility and fine analytical mind find expression here and come out quite incisive and largely realistic in his assessment of the Nigerian situation and experience. The author’s patriotism shines in this book. Some of the unsparing assessments mitigate selective escapism to make the treatment of the core issues even-handed. One of the lessons derivable from the author’s effort however, is that Nigerians need to care more about democracy, raise fundamental questions about it, re-assess our performance from time to time and strive to leave a worthy legacy. The book is being published at a time the polity is characterized by serious challenges of development, a damning display of astonishing wealth of few and the misery of the many as the system continues to be fettered by the diminishing patriotism, declining productivity, selfishness and greed. The corrosive forces of primitive patronage, compulsive compromise and complex corruption are being compounded by the gross deficit in internal party democracy to pose serious challenges to the consolidation of democracy and good governance. It is hoped that other intellectuals will be inspired by Femi Adelegan’s feat and tackle these crucial issues with a similar sense of purpose and in the national interest.  Professor Tunde Adeniran, OFR — Former Federal Minister of Education & Nigeria’s former Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany

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 TECHNIQUES OF INFORMATION MANAGEMENT IN GOVERNANCE — EXCERPT FROM FOREWORD  By Senator David A.B. Mark, GCON — This book: ‘’Techniques of Information Management in Governance’’ by Femi Adelegan, a highly experienced and talented professional, treats exhaustively, patterns and techniques of managing information, that is sine-qua-non for human survival. The compilation highlights the relevance of information to inclusive pace and pattern of growth, which are considered interlinked, and therefore, need to be addressed together, as critical factors for achieving a high, sustainable growth required in societies and organizations. The author did not stop at making assertions. He has matched his postulations with appropriate suggestions of policies and

actions that would enable organizations function well in information management. His theoretical and practical postulations, also enable readers understand better, the importance of a well managed and coordinated information flow to the success of those engaged in governance, in both the public and private sectors.

The author has asserted, and correctly too, that there are indications that the New World Information Order, if not properly addressed, poses a grave danger to the continued survival of the developing world, and even the entire human race. And commendably, he goes ahead to proffer solutions. I commend Femi Adelegan, an author of books on various aspects of ‘Governance’ for generating literature on this critical area of human activity. It is evident that the author has been able to write very authoritatively on this important subject as he does, given his background, as well as the author’s acquisition of a rich blend of knowledge and maturity in top sensitive positions in which he has served over the last three decades.

I recommend ‘Techniques of Information Management in Governance’ for reading by all who wish to know more about the intricate and sensitive art of information-sharing and management, and particularly to all media practitioners, students of various courses in Communications, Public Policy, Management and International Relations, for the understanding of the highly critical issues pertaining to the salient issues treated in this book.

Senator David A.B. Mark, GCON; President of the Senate of Federal Republic of Nigeria (2007-2015)

PREFACE/ENDORSEMENT: By Dr. Yemi Farounbi –The concept of bridging the communication gap between the advanced and developing world has become a critical task because it is one of the most potent ways of preventing chaos, while also promoting growth and development through fostering human interactions for the evolution of a better world. Evidently, the fate of humanity is strongly tied to how well they understand one another in an increasingly globalized world. And this has a direct effect on the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of nations, enlightened self-interest and pursuit of those objectives that could make the global community a better place to live in through cooperation for development.

Femi Adelegan’s new publication titled: ‘’Techniques of Information Management in Governance’’ has been published at a most auspicious time when the whole world is paying particular attention to problems associated with development through the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that is a global agenda prompted by the renewal of world leaders’ political commitments to sustainable development in order to promote integration and coherence of policies and the implementation of actions in the social, economic and environmental areas. If the SDGs must succeed, communicators have a great role to play in assisting growth and development at all levels of governmental activity.

Dr. Yemi Farounbi, OON; Former Ambassador of Nigeria to the Republic of Philippines, and the Kingdom of Cambodia.


One notable feature in this book is Femi Adelegan’s strong plea to Nigerians to stop illegal migration abroad due to the harshness of the economy; but stay at home to join hands to build a truly great Nigeria. This, he says, could be realized by enforcing good governance through legitimate and democratic options. The author equally encourages Nigerians to abandon sycophancy and other ills that have plagued the nation, and resolve to make the people the key components of governance who could take the political class to task. They could do this by empowering themselves democratically to choose/elect their representatives freely and democratically. The author states that: ‘’Nigerians must show that they are the masters of people in Government and demand for good governance as of right. ‘’People must discontinue the practice of taking several pages of advertisements in newspapers and airtime on electronic media to thank government functionaries who commission projects in their areas; for what politicians promised to do while campaigning for votes; and for duties, they are paid to do.’

To all intents and purposes, Femi Adelegan is eminently placed to put this compilation together given his vast experiences as a sound and tested professional with useful links in areas touched by the publication. I commend the author’s observation that: ‘’Many intending travellers are not adequately informed about the pros and cons of visiting other nations for different reasons’’ and that ‘’Planning for trips overseas for tourism or business entails more than what most people envisage.’’ The author invites attention to the global fight against terror that has heightened the level of security measures put in place at border posts globally, and posited that preparations commence with the applications for various travel documents.

Indeed, this publication could not have come at a better time than now, when the whole world is united about the need for good governance, and combatting terror; issues that have compelled nations to continue to tighten their immigration policies, and at a period when the federal government of Nigeria is introducing a new border control and immigration system to ease operations at the nation’s border posts, coupled with the introduction of a multi bio-metric system that is capable of generating a database of travellers and users of the ports.

 This book is ‘’A Must Read’’ for all who wish to be guided on how to have smooth passages at border posts in Nigeria and abroad, attaining the objective of doing business with ease in Nigeria, and for Nigerians to conduct themselves in an orderly manner while on visits abroad. —Ambassador Joe C. Keshi, OON — Retired Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nigeria & Vice-Chairman, Board of Directors, United Bank for Africa Plc

WARNING! ….BY THE AUTHOR: I should like to make it abundantly clear that this book harbours no definite assurance that readers and all those who may consult this publication will secure your travel documents, or pass through border posts without completing the due process. Largely, it serves to educate intending travellers for business and pleasure; and other lawful intentions and place readers and travellers on higher pedestals, with brighter chances of scaling the hurdles of the procurement of travelling documents, on account of proper understanding of immigration and border post regulations and conducts. It is also written to further enlighten those engaged in immigration and border post activities on their work since learning is a continuous process.

PRESENT ONLY GENUINE DOCUMENTS: Please note that you are not being scared of attempting to file an application for any form of documentation for border post activities, the issuance of an entry visa into any nation of your choice, or proper documentation of commercial activities at the ports. Even while conducting your transactions, including clearing your goods at the ports, please engage in very clean transactions. Additionally, it is worth the troubles if an applicant makes a thorough inquiry about the nation to be visited, and weighs the plans to be made to travel, and the reasons to be pleaded in the application to be made. It is in the interest of all applicants to ensure that only genuine documents are presented by them for consideration of their applications at Embassies/High Commissions of foreign countries, at which their applications are to be considered. The issue of travelling as a status symbol should be actively discouraged. — FEMI ADELEGAN — AUTHOR

NIGERIA’S LEADING LIGHTS OF THE GOSPEL – Revolutionaries in Worldwide ChristianityA Book on How God is using Nigeria to Challenge World Christianity

Abuja –NIGERIA: Author Femi Adelegan’s nonfiction book highlights Nigeria’s indelible contributions to global evangelism

Excerpt from Book Review: Author Femi Adelegan’s nonfiction book: “NIGERIA’S LEADING LIGHTS OF THE GOSPEL: Revolutionaries In Worldwide Christianity unearths the mysterious persistence of God’s calling, the often stubborn resistance of the called, the eventual surrender, and the justification of the calling of notable Nigerian priests of God.  Many of these characters did not enter into their canonical office without a few faltering steps; but again, like the Biblical Peter, some of them had cause to doubt the purpose of their calling and felt miserably sorry at some point in their terrestrial journeys.’’– Reviewer, Bamidele Salam.

EXCERPT: One significant achievement of this book is the ability of Femi Adelegan to highlight Nigeria’s indelible impact on global Christianity and our unique African imprint on Christian spirituality and evangelistic outreach. Christianity in Nigeria has not only produced shining lights, but the Church in Nigeria has both blessed, enriched, as well as challenged World Christianity in the areas of self-propagation, self-government, creative adaptability, and fidelity to the faith once delivered to the Saints. Like the heroes of faith who made the Honour Roll in Hebrews Chapter Eleven, and like the African Fathers of the Early Church after the Apostolic Age, like Tertullian, Clement, Origen, Cyprian, Athanasius and Augustine, our Nigeria’s Shining Lights, both militant and triumphant have now been exposed to the gaze of the Church – local, national and universal.  – Retired Archbishop Lawrence Ayo Ladigbolu; Methodist Church, Nigeria

FOREWORD: This book is a witness of God’s love and grace of God to men who are prepared to walk with Him to advance His Kingdom here on earth. I applaud and commend the author of the book, Femi Adelegan, for his deep biblical insights of how many of these ministers of the gospel became God’s favourite vessels in propagating the gospel and enthroning righteousness in the nation.  – Gen. (Dr) Yakubu Gowon, Nigeria’s Head of State (1966-1975) & Chairman, NIGERIA PRAYS MOVEMENT  

An excerpt from the Author: ’This work is a comprehensive compilation on Nigerian ministers of the Gospel, who are spreading the Gospel according to Jesus Christ; contributing tremendously to the global move to free people from the clutches of the devil, The 43 ecumenical personalities in this compilation have contributed tremendously to the spread of Christianity and have been mightily used by God to liberate the oppressed and those in bondage even beyond the shores of Nigeria. As readers peruse, they will most probably be filled with feelings of empathy that would undoubtedly strengthen them to tap into grace and flow in His divine wisdom while enjoying the mercy of God. After all, it is perfectly permissible in the Scriptures for us to covet spiritual things. All who lust for divine service must be prepared to enjoy all the God-given privileges by walking with God’’

About the Author : Femi Adelegan is a time-tested bureaucrat, technocrat, writer, author and publisher. Adelegan is a church leader and prolific writer spiritual resources and Christian grace which can inspire and challenge many others to love the Lord more, and to serve Him with greater zeal and devotion so that more and more disciples can be raised to spread scriptural holiness throughout our land and our world.

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SERVICE-DRIVEN LIFE OF A NIGERIAN FIRST REPUBLIC POLITICIAN — Author Shadrach Adelegan’s nonfiction book: The Part to Play’ brings a lifetime of experiences to topic.

 An excerpt from “THE PART TO PLAY: At the 1965 Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference Held in London – HOW WE PROTESTED IAN SMITH’S UNILATERAL DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE IN RHODESIA (South-Africa)

It was Hon. Samuel Lana who first raised the issue of Ian Smith’s as a matter of urgent public importance, if Britain could not see it as such.  When we came back from recess, this matter generated some heat on the floor of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Meeting that day. Lana’s argument was that, as a subject of the Queen, Ian Smith needed to be sanctioned for the Unilateral l Declaration of Independence in Rhodesia (now South-Africa)  He had caused a problem for the Queen, a big one for that matter. Speaking in line with Lana, but in a roaring voice, I condemned Ian Smith adding that it was not really his fault.  It was because he thought his people would support him to trample the Blacks under his feet.  But they should realize that in due course, the Blacks would secure might to be able to face the cannon of Ian Smith and remove his yoke off their heads.  Our contribution sounded too harsh, to them. To them, mine was suggesting insurrection against the Queen. The hon. Members of the House of Commons present looked with disdain. Anyway, I had made my point known and I was not apologetic. The Author

EXCERPT FROM FOREWORD Reading through this publication, the patriotic and enduring spirit of Shadrach Adelegan is very visible. From grass to grace, and from the lowly heights to an astronomical level, Adelegan’s stars have shined, reflecting him as a brilliant and honest educationist, politician and community leader. — Ven. Emmanuel Oladipo Alayande

 ’It is a most interesting story of your life and Ipetu-Ijesha. Your narration of occurrences during the Akintola era gives the best view of the Action Group crises that is not partisan – as between Awolowo and Akntola’’ –  Emeritus Prof. J.F. Ade-Ajayi.

 AS DEPUTY-SPEAKER, WESTERN REGION OF NIGERIA HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY: Oba C.D. Akran, who was Western-Region Minister of Finance called me ‘’Darling Speaker’’ and would want me to become substantive Speaker after the 1965 elections..  He kept pouring encomium on me in such words like ‘who else could be Speaker other than Adelegan?  I told him I have decided not to go for second term because I did not believe in politics of bitterness and violence, the type, which was already in motion at home.  But Oba Akran kept asking, who would be the Speaker?’  He believed I would do it better than anybody else.  The way I was leading the house at that time really pleased him and other members of the House, including the Opposition members.  Oba Akran was very serious about this; he told me of the plan to delineate my constituency to carve out a new one for me.  This was with the intention of returning me as Mr. Speaker in December 1965.  But at this time I had made up my mind to quit politics because of the manner in which politics was being practiced.  I was not favourably disposed to all the hooliganism and violence.


Hon. S.L. Akintola  – Premier — In spite of the short notice, you came to our rescue as an experienced Deputy Speaker who has been able to assimilate and acquire a great deal of practical knowledge. We are very much indebted to you for the successful completion of this Budget Meeting and I think that your performance on this occasion augurs well for the future because you have discharged your duties remarkably well, so efficiently and so charmingly, that the Members of the Opposition will always like to see you on the Chair. (cheers) – Chief SL Akintola – Premier.

Hon. D.S Adegbenro – Leader of Opposition: Sir, I like to associate myself with the views and sentiments expressed by the hon. Premier.  When the appointment of Mr. Speaker was proposed, I was consulted, and I argued that you, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, ought to have been promoted to the post of the substantive Speaker.  I was informed that there were some difficulties in the rank and file of the NNDP and I had to agree that you still hold your post as Deputy Speaker; and in spite of the fact that you happen to be the Deputy Speaker, you have discharged your duties impartially and you deserve our commendation as well.


My friends in Ibadan stood against the idea of my going home to start a secondary school.  Their argument was that a single prosperous man among 20 indigent people, himself is indigent.  Chief E.A. Adeyemo, who later became the Olubadan was then the Treasurer of the Council.  He approached me personally.  He talked as an elderly person, much older than me, even to have me as a son; he shared some experience with me in respect of the idea of going home.  That it was as if I was going to endanger my life.  A friend, Alimi Adesokan who vehemently opposed the idea, warning me that some people at home would be thankful of my coming, others would be jealous of any achievement I had thinking that it was their own money I used to build myself up.   The only person who was positive about the whole idea was Pa E. O. Alayande.  He advised me to go and pick it up as my baby and that God was with me, I would not regret it.

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