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About four centuries after the crude and inhuman practice was stopped, there are global concerns about migration, given several factors, including its negative socio-political and economic consequences on the planned growth of advanced countries. Hundred of thousands of people are fleeing crises and conflicts in Africa to attempt to enter foreign countries, particularly Europe, the United States and some Asian countries illegally.Given the effect of huge influx of people into foreign nations and the attendant strain on their economies,these nations have also tightened their entry regulations and are now more vigilant at the border posts to prevent illegal migrant from coming into their territories.It would seem as if illegal migrants are willing to die in the process of seeking better living standards in Europe and Northern America. It has been established that several people who plan to migrate legally and illegally do not have a good knowledge of the situation of these foreign countries. It is to be noted that the streets of these advanced countries are not paved with gold. These nations operate the by the principle of visioning and long range planning. They project long into the future and, therefore, plan ahead. Any sudden upsurge in populations would put strains on their infrastructure and economy. The truth is that even Black people, who migrate as legal residents of Western nations every so often complain that they don’t enjoy equal opportunities with the original settlers who are whites.

Even if a migrant succeeds in entering a nation illegally, there is no job opening for illegal migrants; at least legally. Unconfirmed accounts indicate that illegal migrants who are lucky to ‘’pass through the valley of the shadow of death’’ through the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea,end up on farms in Europe where they work 14 hours daily to collect only five hundred dollars monthly. Such people have no legal platform, and so cannot complain of exploitation. For them, it becomes difficult to engage in profitable ventures because of lack of documentation. Therefore, illegal migrants are open to all forms of abuse in order to sustain themselves. They are shabbily and cruelly treated in Western societies by people and organizations; and they cannot complain because of the fear of being repatriated.It is very surprising that youths engage in these illegal acts appear undeterred, even considering the fact that they very high risk of the possibility of illegal migrants losing their lives during attempts to seek greener pastures abroad. But the pastures are no longer green. How can any sane person attempt to trek thousands of kilometres in the arid zone comprising the Sahara, desert, before finally going on boats that often capsize before getting into territories of European nations.?

Research indicates that those engaged in illegal trafficking fall into two broad categories: Those who are very desperate and would do anything to attempt to leave the country in search for better prospects and living conditions and (ii) Those who are deceived and tricked into travelling by human traffickers under the guise of providing employment for illegal migrants abroad. Both situations paint pictures of callous and heartless human beings who subject most innocent people to hardships and mental torture that become part of them forever, if they ever return alive to tell the stories of their ill-advised steps. From all indications, it is not possible to attain economic development and social advancement in an atmosphere of conflict, tension and social rancour. And this factor has equally contributed in large measures to this sordid development.Several innocent youths are lured into the dirty business. According to the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Worldwide, Pastor Enoch Adeboye in the RCCG Daily Devotional: Open Heavens’ ‘’This tactic often takes the form of a sweet and generous offer used in sugar-coating a poisonous pill. ‘’Such offers can come as a gift, an appointment or a promise of greatness. deceit is utilized to lure the young ones into slavery. He asserts that: ‘’The packaging of such offers is always tasteful, attractive and elegant, but inside lies destruction. The devil tried to play this trick on the Lord Jesus Christ Himself in today’s Bible reading. ‘’In many cases, no matter how much you try, you may not see anything wrong with the whole arrangement at the initial stage, but at the end of the day, you will find yourself entrapped to do the bidding of your “benefactor” against your wish. The rich and powerful of this world deploy this trick in getting what they want. They use the luxuries they can provide to entrap the less wealthy and vulnerable, who may feel obligated to do their bidding. Many victims of this scam have been disappointed, enslaved and some have even lost their lives. I enjoyed Christians youths to be warned that those who are addicted to pleasure, who always have their eyes roving and seeking for a luxurious lifestyle, will easily be sucked in and entrapped by these wicked predators. The language of Satan and his agents is “All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them” (Luke 4:6). For diverse reasons, this particular trick of the devil is especially potent and effective in this generation more than any other time in the history of mankind.’’

In the publication under reference, Pastor Adeboye stated further that ‘’We are in a world where instant riches, riotous living, exhibition of immorality and the pursuit of extreme pleasure have become attractive to people. Now, wealth and fame derived from participation in vices (such as corruption, gambling and drug-trafficking) are being celebrated, even among some so-called Christians. Some attributes that used to be highly valued in society, such as integrity, diligence, moral principle and godliness, have become things of the past and are now looked down on. The younger generation seems to have a warped idea of what success really means. Consequently, predators are using the weapon of deception to entice vulnerable individuals into evil deeds, such as sexual gratification in exchange for favours, drug-related businesses, human trafficking, organized crime, internet fraud, and many others, promising quick money, political appointments, business opportunities, rapid job promotions etc. Is anyone promising you something in exchange for “nothing”? Ensure that you do not fall for any deceptive proposal of the devil. The rich and powerful do not give away their favours for free. They always ask for something in return, and their demand is usually much greater than their initial investment. If care is not taken, you may lose your own soul in the process. Don’t be carried away by any “delicious” offer, because it is really nothing but deceitful food laden with poison. You’ve been warned!’’

Poverty and hunger are two strong factors that make a prospective illegal migrant resolute to confront death, by engaging in a harzardous trip. The current global food crises, for instance, is a serious problem that needs to be addressed through reforms in order to further guarantee world peace and development. In the words of Chief Emeka Anyaoku, former Secretary-General of the Commonwealth; “There are, in absolute terms, more hungry people in the world today than ever before; and the numbers are increasing”. The gap between the rich North and the poor South is widening on current estimates, and there are little prospects of this trend being reversed”. (From: The Missing Headlines by Emeka Anyaoku published by Macmillan Publishers). The global community is aware that the developing world, particularly Africa is still confronted with the problem of managing a plural community; plural in ethnicity, religion and culture, in the face of diminishing economic resources. This factor is evidently the source of growing tension and conflict that plague the stability of nations. And the rest of the world know that they cannot afford to sleep with two eyes closed in view of the implication of this dangerous development to the peace of the whole world. This is a major reason why the West has tightened its border regulations in additional to taking physical measures to halt control migration into their territories.

There are lessons from the foregoing. Kofi Annan, who served as the seventh UN Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1997 to December 2006 offers the recipe in his valedictory speech delivered atthe Truman Presidential Museum and Library in Independence, Missouri. Annan,a Nobel Peace Prize winner asserted that .’’First, we are all responsible for each other’s security. ‘’Second, we can and must give everyone the chance to benefit from global prosperity. ‘’Third, both security and prosperity depend on human rights and the rule of law. Fourth, states must be accountable to each other, and to a broad range of non-state actors, in their international conduct. My fifth and final lesson derives inescapably from those other four. ‘’We can only do all these things by working together through a multilateral system, and by making the best possible use of the unique instrument bequeathed to us by Harry Truman and his contemporaries, namely the United Nations……’’In fact, it is only through multilateral institutions that states can hold each other to account. And that makes it very important to organize those institutions in a fair and democratic way, giving the poor and the weak some influence over the actions of the rich and the strong. That applies particularly to the international financial institutions, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Developing countries should have a stronger voice in these bodies, whose decisions can have almost a life-or-death impact on their fate. And it also applies to the UN Security Council, whose membership still reflects the reality of 1945, not of today’s world. That is why I have continued to press for Security Council reform. But reform involves two separate issues.’’

Another recipe is provided by: ‘’The 2001 Kuru Declaration’that embodies the vision of the Nigerian Government as: building a truly great African democratic country, politically united, integrated and stable, economically prosperous, socially organized, with equal opportunities for all, and responsibility from all, to become the catalyst of (African) Renaissance, and making adequate all-embracing contributions sub-regionally, regionally and globally. ‘’Furthermore, government is working strenuously to create a Nigeria that Nigerians will be proud to belong to and grateful to inhabit; a Nigeria that rewards hard work, protects its people and their property, and offers its children better prospects than those they may be tempted to seek in Europe or the United-States. All citizens, regardless of gender, race, religion or politics, should feel that they have a stake in Nigeria’s future and that their loyalty and diligence will be rewarded.’’ But the fact is that no loyalty and diligence could be rewarded if people run away from the country and resolve to be part of the system to be able to fight from within to change situations positively.

From this point of view, the pertinent question remains: Who are the people who choose their representatives in governments? It is the same people who are complicit, and who cannot tell justifiably because we are the architects of our own problems. Electing the best and credible people to manage the affairs of the three tiers of government must be the non negotiable posture of the electorate. Anything short of acting in accordance with our individual integrity would produce failed results. Anybody who sells his or her votes sells not only his or her conscience, but also the future of generations yet unborn, apart from going into bondage for four years. Let everybody resolve that they will refuse to be hired for all dirty electoral malpractices and thuggery. Let the electorate take the political class to task at all times, irrespective of political leanings. It would amount to foolishness on the part of anybody to think that whoever is seeking an elective office and sells his or her property in order to satisfy the lusts on the electorate would not look for ways of recouping whatever is invested in contests for political offices. Therefore, instead of running away from Nigeria, youths could come together to start mobilizing and sensitizing the electorate to elect their preferences. For a start, it would not be improper for constituents of any defined society to go to the extent of begging whoever could shape the collective future of people in that defined territory to come out and take charge of affairs at different levels of governance. And you can only check elected representatives that you don’t suffocate with personal requests and demands. The best will surely come.