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ILLEGAL MIGRATION AS A SUICIDAL MISSION WHY OUR YOUTHS MUST NOT SUCCUMB TO EVIL THE TEMPTATION PART 1 SLAVE TRADE ROUTE &SUICIDAL MISSIONS About four centuries after the crude and inhuman practice was stopped, there are global concerns about migration, given several factors, including its negative socio-political and economic consequences on the planned growth of advanced countries. Hundred of thousands of people are fleeing crises and conflicts in Africa to attempt to enter foreign countries, particularly Europe, the United States and some Asian countries illegally.Given the effect of huge influx of people into foreign nations and the attendant strain on their economies,these nations have also tightened their entry regulations and are now more vigilant at the border posts to prevent illegal migrant from coming into their territories.It would seem as if illegal migrants are willing to die in the process of seeking better living standards in Europe and Northern America. It has been established that several people who plan to migrate legally and illegally do not have a good knowledge of the situation of these foreign countries. It is to be noted that the streets of these advanced countries are not paved with gold. These nations operate the by the principle of visioning and long range planning. They project long into the future and, therefore, plan ahead. Any sudden upsurge in populations would put strains on their infrastructure and economy. The truth is that even Black people, who migrate as legal residents of Western nations every so often complain that they don’t enjoy equal opportunities with the original settlers who are whites. NO JOBS ABROAD Even if a migrant succeeds in entering a nation illegally, there is no job opening for illegal migrants; at least legally. Unconfirmed accounts indicate that illegal migrants who are lucky to ‘’pass through the valley of the shadow of death’’ through the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea,end up on farms in Europe where they work 14 hours daily to collect only five hundred dollars monthly. Such people have no legal platform, and so cannot complain of exploitation. For them, it becomes difficult to engage in profitable ventures because of lack of documentation. Therefore, illegal migrants are open to all forms of abuse in order to sustain themselves. They are shabbily and cruelly treated in Western societies by people and organizations; and they cannot complain because of the fear of being repatriated.It is very surprising…

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