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HOW YOUTHS COULD PATRIOTICALLY TAKE OVER POLITICAL GOVERNANCE Last week, I viewed Fela Durotoye, a motivational speaker canvass very cogent points in a most thoughtful, brilliant and inspiring discourse. The patriotic zeal was palpable as he attempted to differentiate leaders from rulers. I watched with interest, how Durotoye spoke the minds of his peers on the question of leadership, as well as his thoughts for renewed hopes and aspirations. No one would contest the fact that Nigeria has brains that could easily match those of leaders and rulers of the developed world. It is a good idea for more patriotic involvement of youths in governance. But it would seem you cannot push out old politicians unless you get firmly rooted at the grassroots. Nigerians must be carried along as true partners in national development by political actors at all levels, in realization of the need for the introduction of workable measures.  Youths must start endearing themselves to their communities by mapping and selling coherent and purposeful policies geared towards development.  Those who view the world through specialized prisms have at different times spoken about underdevelopment arising from incoherent implementation of policies as the misery of the country. For instance, Chief Emeka Anyaoku once asserted that one of the most serious problems confronting Africa and African Diaspora is the poor culture of governance; and that we still need to learn the lessons of putting forward our best people to run for governance and help lift the country upwards. On his part, Prof. Ibrahim Gambari has observed that if we accept that conflicts and wars retard development, in no continent is this more true than in Africa, and this is why our continent is behind the rest of the world. He argued that people are not going to invest in countries of conflict; and without investment, both domestic and foreign. Former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan was in Nigeria not too long ago and pointed out that our country holds the key to the development of Africa. Prof. BolajiAkinyemi too has pointed this fact out very patriotically, that Nigeria must not fail Africa, and indeed the global community, because the consequences could be very weighty. The strategic position and influence of Nigeria in Africa, over the decades place great demands, burden and strains on the country as a model for several other African nations. It is endowed with enormous resources, human and material,…

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