NEGLIGENCE OF PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES —- STAKEHOLDERS GUILTY AS CHARGED —  Why We All Are Guilty of Negligence of Parental Responsibilities – Femi Adelegan


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‘’To make matters worse, those who successfully cornered a substantial part of the society’s wealth engaged in wanton profligacy and demonstration of affluence, a development that led to a feverish struggle for acquisition of wealth at all costs by the old and the young, male and female. Here lies the very salient factor that produced armed robbers in a nation that placed great premium on family values, morality and good name. This development could be reversed with time”  In the past 15 months, TERRIFIC HEADLINES, an information outfit established by Femi Adelegan, a professional communicator has continually preached family values and virtues on its network.  Adelegan, strategic planner, publisher, author, and writer, has had a long walk in the corridors of power as Chief Press Secretary to four consecutive governors of Osun State from 1994-2000; after which he served as Chief Private Secretary/Special Adviser (Policies, Programmes and Plans Implementation) to the governor of Osun State from 2003-2010. In this capacity, he was the head of the governor’s Secretariat. At various times, (2008-2012) Femi Adelegan, who has authored some books on good governance served as a member of Nigerian Government’s Official Delegations to the General Conference and Executive Board Sessions of UNESCO in France; and Nigeria’s Presidential Delegations to the United States, Peoples Republic of China, Vietnam and the G-20 Summit in Canada. He also attended the 41st session of the United Nations General Assembly held in New York.  In this interview, Adelegan unfolds details about the family values campaign that is being prosecuted by his outfit in an interactive session with newsmen in Abuja. From your writings and a number of books that you have authored, it is noticed that good governance forms the major thrust. Why are you so inclined?: Let me state by saying that every sincere educated person knows that good governance is the major ingredient for development. And without ensuring that this policy is embraced and practiced, no society could develop. Good governance is about doing things the right way and must be the guiding policy and principle in both the public and private sectors. Good governance entails accountability, transparency, adherence to the rule of law, freedom of expression and association and such other factors that ensure that necessary changes are firmly fixed into the process of managing an organization or society. Globally, good governance is about the judicious management of the available human and material…

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