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IT is the Proverb in Yoruba land that “When a man on a WEALTH-SEEKING mission suddenly ran into the Household of HONOURABILITY,elders believed that FORTUNE has already smiled upon him and what remained honourable for him is to return home and thank his star.”

This is because even if he had gone through the whole journey and found the primary goal of his mission,( WEALTH) the chief end of securing WEALTH would ultimately have ended in the Household of HONOUR. Conversely, it was an open supplication of Rev.Dr. S.T.Ola Akande that he would never die until he would clock 120 years on the surface of earth as this is in line with the Biblical injunction which the Lord has designed as the full span of man’s life. Then the Lord said ,My Spirit shall not forever dwell and strive with man,for he also is flesh; but his days shall yet be 120 years.” ( Genesis 6:3)

Baba Akande had often quoted this rightly with all emphatic pontification. Rev. Akande however ended up giving up the ghost at 94,But fatefully and faithfully on the Glorious DAY OF ATONEMENT which by the Biblical Calendar, was on September 10,2020.
“Then you shall sound abroad the loud trumpet on the tenth day of the Seventh Month on the Day of ATONEMENT, blow the trumpet in all your land.” (Leviticus 29:9)

Note that unlike the Gregorian calendar which arrogated ninth month to September, the Jewish calendar divinely recognises September as the Seventh ( Biblical) month. Also note that the month of September takes after French language in which it means Seven ( Septembre) as it is with Latin in which September is from “Septune” which is also Seven, the month being the Seventh of the Roman year originally.

Now the big deal concerning the Day of ATONEMENT is that , for a High Priest of God who is steadfast in the Lord, to die on the Day of ATONEMENT is to be granted the narrow passage into the Holy of Holies which opens once in a year. “But unto the second went the High Priest alone was once every year…( Hebrew 9:7) Uncle Bola Ige, the Cicero of Esa-Oke and former Governor of Old Oyo state had always fondly referred to Rev. S.T.Ola Akande as ” The Archbishop of the Baptist church in Nigeria, noting his forthrightness on all things that had to do with the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

This was the same Akande whom members of the secret society threatened blood and wound; charms and magic that he was not going to see the end of 1977,slamming upon him a seven day ( death )ultimatum for having the effrontery to expose and rebuke them in his sermon. Recalling the incident, Victor O. Durodola in “Ecclesiastes” wrote:

“He was then Pastor of Oritamefa Baptist church. It was highly advertised.He had a way of informing the congregation what his sermon for the following Sunday would be. “The church was packed full. The media, both electronic and print was highly represented. I imagine that even secret cult members were also present. “Some members were afraid of what might happened to their pastor, given the viciousness with which cultists were known to have dealt with persons ,including some pastors , who openly divulge their secrets. ” After the choir special hymns, Dr. Akande mounted the pulpit. ‘’The whole atmosphere was charged . Anxiety filled the whole sanctuary. He fired on,exposing their secrets and denouncing the evil of cultism and then gave invitation . It was in the news all over the town.Of course, he was threatened later and told that he would die within seven days !”

To God be the Glory that Baba S.T.Ola Akande escaped the ploy of the wicked in 1977 (though not without some tribulations, the story of which he shared with me) and happily lived till the ripe age of 94 when for him , the divine ovation was even loudest ,thereby cheating death by 43 years.(1977-2020) “Why do the heathens rage and the people imagine a vain thing ? The kings of the earth set themselves, And the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord,and against his anointed, saying , let us break their bands asunder ,And cast away their cords from us .He that sitteth in heaven shall laugh ,The Lord shall have them in derision.” ( Psalm 2:1-4)

(This write-up is dedicated to the loving memory of Rev. S.T.Ola Akande ( of Blessed memory) who goes home this weekend . May the Hands of those who are striving to ensure that his vision is sustained never die.
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