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Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God is an extremely self-effacing personality with a large heart. Leading a huge flock of the Redeemed Christian Church of God is a hard task that is probably more difficult than managing a nation, because he has to care for the millions of souls under his watch. Pressure of work, most times, makes the temper of leaders to be short-fused. But people in the shoes of Daddy GO cannot afford to be provoked unnecessarily because the consequences could be disastrous. He is at home with everybody, regardless of gender, age and social status and would only be righteously annoyed to confront Satan and its cohorts.
The pastor’s filthy past gives credence to the ability of God to use the ridiculous to do the miraculous! The man who is positively touching the lives of millions of people combines meekness with inspirational leadership, civility, intellect and a specific sense of mission. Succinctly put, Pastor Adeboye is a product of brokenness, the seed sowed by his spiritual father, late Rev Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi, as well as divine immense grace and mercy. Daddy GO repeatedly echoes the statement: “My life is a proof of the fact that God can lift up a man from the dungeon and cause him to sit among princes. ‘’I came from a background of nothing, raised in a Church that was almost nothing. ‘’But then, I am what I am today by the grace of God. ‘’Like John the Baptist, we should hide behind the cross and only lift up the One who paid for our sins on the Cross” That is probably why you would not find his photographs or that of his wife – Mummy GO – on handbills and posters whose production is handled from the headquarters of RCCG. That is probably the reason why Pastor (Mrs) Folu Adeboye instructed her spiritual children to do away with the practice of family uniform (aso ebi) for social functions because it encourages social vices. Therefore, this piece is written to celebrate the Creator, Who makes things to happen; and not Pastor EA Adeboye, the General Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church of God Worldwide. Despite the growth of the RCCG, Pastor Adeboye still believes a lot still has to be done, and is, therefore, committing all that God has graciously deposited in him to the prosecution of the agenda of God: The Great Commission.
Announcing the Holy Ghost Congress at the October 2017 edition of the monthly Holy Ghost Service, Pastor Adeboye said: The Holy Ghost Congress is finally here. ‘’It will begin from Monday, 4th to Saturday, 9th December, 2017. ‘’It will be the Greatest Congress that will be taking place. ‘’The theme is: SONGS OF VICTORY. ‘’The atmosphere is already charged, and so plan not to miss any of the days of the Congress. ‘’Invite your friends, enemy, colleagues and neighbours‘’ Some people are already singing Songs of Victory.’’ Coming from someone who says what his Father tells him, this year’s congress would certainly be explosive given the fact that God can never lie. The story of the commencement of the Holy Ghost Congress is fascinating. In 1998, Adeboye visited the Bar Beach in Lagos with some foreign visitors and the Lord spoke. The first Holy Ghost Congress was held at Lekki Bar Beach on December 18, 1998 and the event was such a huge success that even foreign media, including the CNN and BBC that are better disposed to reporting conflict and catastrophe news about Africa, broadcast an account of the prayer event attracted a crowd of seven million worshippers, described as ‘’the largest mobilization of people in one spot on the surface of the earth, a feat never before recorded.’’ Since then, the Holy Ghost Congress has never had a better last year. The following year in 1999,12 million people participated in the Holy Ghost Congress.
Sometimes, I wonder how God moves in the ministry of this prophet and high priest, Pastor Adeboye, who seems to have consistently pleased the Lord. My curiosity has led me to research into human nature and factors that propel individuals to act in certain ways. Apart from personality, that psychologists have described as a combined product of nature and nurture, some other researchers have alluded to issues pertaining to selfishness, that: ‘’springs from humankind’s instinctive desire for self-preservation. And ‘’the less selfish the person, the more evolved the mind and soul.’’ An adage says that if you give a mentally challenged person a hoe to farm, he will definitely plough towards himself or herself. This does not apply to the General Overseer of RCCG Worldwide. When Adeboye was to mark his birthday in 1986, God asked him for what he wanted as a birthday gift. I confess here truthfully, that if God today asks me that type of question, I will most probably ask for very personal gifts for myself and my family first, before asking for anything for any other person.
The exception could only arise if I am the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which is a very very very tall dream. Adeboye never asked for personal blessings, but told God to bless his congregation comprising his spiritual children! He is reported by a chronicler of church history, Bisi Daniels as answering God that: “What I want is that all my members will get miracles.” And God asked: “Is that all?’ to which Adeboye responded: “That’s all I want” said Adeboye. Then God responded: “In that case, when you get home, call them (Adeboye’s spiritual children) together and I will give them whatever they ask for.’’ That seed sown by Daddy GO, is undoubtedly one of the key reasons for the phenomenal expansion of RCCG. From a programme held for just one day, the Holy Ghost Congress now holds for one week. At successive congresses, the Holy Spirit has moved through Adeboye to win many souls for Christ at sessions where the power of God moves freely to heal, anoint, and empower His people. Daddy GO’s decision is simply Solomonic wisdom. If he had asked God for a private jet, He would have provided one, but his spiritual children would not have been richly blessed. And it is possible that the jet would have packed up on account of the inability of the RCCG to maintain it. Adeboye sowed in prayers, neglected his own needs to ask God for special blessings for the spiritual children. It is, therefore, not surprising that RCCG is greatly blessed today and Baba Adeboye is pleading that his children do not donate cars for his use any longer because these gifts are too much. It is interesting that Daddy GO is responsible for feeding all who attend the prayer even, having been enabled by God to do that. Members of RCCG are not taxed to finance the congress. It is possible that at least 200 heads of cattle lose their lives daily for 7 days in the feeding of several people who attend the congress
The Holy Ghost Congress is easily the largest Christian gathering in the world, attracting millions of worshipers from across the world, who converge annually on the Redemption Camp grounds on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria. God had, decades ago spoken about the dimension of the growth of RCCG through the late founder of the church, Baba Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi. Attendance of this event continues to soar, putting Nigeria on a more conspicuous place on the map of the world as a praying nation. The RCCG camp site is today unquestionably the largest Christian estate in the world, and it is yet to stop expanding. The Redeemed Christian Church of God, says the influential New York Times, is “one of the most vigorously expansionary religious movements, a homegrown Pentecostal denomination that is crusading to become a global faith. In the course of just a few decades, the Redeemed Christian Church of God, founded in Lagos, has won millions of adherents in Nigeria while building a vast missionary network that stretches into more than 120 nations. ‘’This places Pastor Adeboye at the vanguard of a revolution in worldwide Christianity; one that it is quite literally changing its face, as a faith that was once exported by white missionaries from Europe and America comes to draw its strength from the peoples of the Southern Hemisphere”. His exemplary life has endeared him to people of all walks of life. He has also been innovative in devising ways of winning souls for Christ.’’ (New York Times)
Pastor Adeboye has revealed that it is necessary for children of God to examine their lives at all times and be constantly guided by the Holy Spirit. Can you imagine that Pastor Adeboye would, 14 years after becoming the General Overseer answer to an altar call? He provides the answer: ‘’In 1995, while still in the first auditorium, a renowned missionary and elder who has now gone to glory (Revd Syney Granville Elton – by my own reckoning) preached a sermon during our convention and made an altar call. ‘’As at that time, I had already been the General Overseer of RCCG for some years but had been battling with my flesh. ‘’I knew if I lost that battle and fell, many people will go down with me; so, I wanted to be free. ”When this elder made the altar call for those who wanted to be free, I was the first to come to the altar. ‘’Many pastors were surprised that I answered that altar call but I thank God I did. ‘’The victory the Lord gave me that day is so overwhelming that the sun of righteousness has been shinning brighter through me ever since. ”Some people out of shyness lose great opportunities to be free. If you know the joy of being free, you will not lose it for any reason including shyness”. It is simply confounding that Baba Adeboye could answer to an altar call after serving for 14 years as General Overseer! Humility, simplicity and faithfulness at play.
Indeed, Holiness, that is one of the key emphasis of Baba Akindayomi, hallowing God, and humility have taken RCCG to the enviable position it has found itself today. Adeboye’s infectious humility, obedience to divine directives, doing the will of the Lord, and fleeing sinful conducts have aided him in the task of leading RCCG to explode, with presence in 193 nations of the world. The General Overseer Worldwide of the RCCG, like father Abraham has never withheld anything from God. And God has reciprocated by always rewarding Daddy GO for his faithfulness. Giving is a strong factor as nobody can out-give God. Adeboye says giving is a major factor of his successes in his walk with God. And you cannot out-give God who is the Owner of all.
Most spiritual occurrences defy human and scientific explanations. They are usually permitted by God Who uses His vessels to perform miracles, signs and wonders, and also carry out His wishes. Miracles by the hand of God abound. He moves in ways mortals cannot fully decipher. God, every so often allows occurrences that defy explanations to occur. He has proven himself to be the only one who could reverse the irreversible and do the seemingly impossible. Some of the directives of God to people do not appeal to reason. The most important thing for anybody seeking a miracle from God is obedience, backed up by Godly conducts and faith. But God could move in lives of sinners too to prove some points. As Adeboye explains in his Daily Devotional of Thursday March 12, 2009, “Most miracles are carried out as a result of partnerships with God’. One attribute of a true partner with God is the readiness to remain in that partnership agreement until death, in spite of the odds. God expects partnerships with Him to go beyond a lifetime. In Acts 19:11-12, God was able to perform a miracle through the hands of Paul because of his undying commitment to divine partnership”
That God is still alive today and is able to do just anything, even the unimaginable. Quite often when miracles occur and words of knowledge come from the altar in torrents at Adeboye’s ministrations, the applause of the congregation is deafening as thousands watch and listen to this great servant of God. Adeboye carries the covenant and great grace and believes very strongly that a believer must obey the universal laws instituted by God to be able to walk with Him. The contributions of Pastor Adeboye to salvation and the growth of Christianity is such that a prominent United-States Christian leader and President of the Global Harvest Ministries, Peter Wagner has commented that: “If I were to name the top ten apostles in the world, Pastor Adeboye would be there on top of the list”. But Daddy GO has wisely continued to ascribe all his successes to God saying: ”Adeboye without God is nothing. With my Ph.D in Mathematics and my wealth of experience, I cannot make anything happen. ”Only God does that.”
On a lighter note, I have told ‘’my brother’’ Emeritus Professor Michael Omolewa, who was President of the 32nd General Conference of UNESCO, that should the usual courtesies of being accorded the status of a VIP are not extended to me by the Mother-in-Israel, Mummy GO, Pastor (Mrs) Folu Adeboye, Prof. Omolewa should be prepared to host me from Monday, 4th to Saturday, 9th December, 2017 at the Redemption Camp. But my fear is the possibility of not locating him. Even when we were hosted in the same hotel at the camp for five days by Mummy GO in the past, Prof. Omolewa always locked himself up in his room, and never attended to visitors no matter how close. We only met at the prayer meetings, or on buses conveying us to the camp grounds. He claimed that he was on spiritual rejuvenation and sanctification, as if anybody would contaminate him! In actual fact, that is the best position to adopt as you head to the Redemption Camp for the congress. Focus on what you are going to do, which is to worship, pray and seek the face of God like the Biblical Jacob did, had an encounter with an angel, and due to his persistence got his changed to Israel. Let your mind be right, as you prepare yourself and tell the Creator you will not leave the RCCG camp until He answers you. And you can pray even for your generations yet unborn.
Let me state without any fear of equivocation that any human being could strive to be equally endowed with the spiritual powers that Baba Adeboye is endowed with by God. So, whoever decides to willfully spite true servants of God should lock himself or herself up for one week in seclusion, and in self-denial, (no food, no water) seek the face of God, and taste what those who stand in the gap for others experience. If you believe and you do that faithfully, you probably will experience what you believe in. Get direction from God and experience brokenness. You also only need to go with your faith up, reading 2 Chronicles 20:20. It is true that barrier is no difference. But there are atmospheres that are very charged for the unusual move of God. I have tasted several of such atmospheres and I can testify honestly that GOD IS GOOD.
Spiritual covetousness is permitted and mantles could be transferred at such gatherings. But to covet successfully, you must be prepared for the responsibilities that go along with the acquisition of such enormous spiritual powers! Daddy GO himself is coveting at the same time, the anointing of Elijah, Elisha, Paul, Peter and John, in addition to a double portion of the anointing of our Lord and Saviour – Jesus Christ! But a lot goes into this by way of hardships and sacrifices. Just focus on Christ. But the first step is to give your life to Jesus Christ today. In fact, NOW! Tomorrow could be too late. Enlist in the nearest Bible-believing church without any further delay.



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