Sunday, March 7, 2021
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This piece is borne out of reflections. As a thinker and writer, I sit down occasionally, to reflect about the past, present and the future; particularly of Nigeria, a nation with huge potentials. I am an incurable optimist in the fact that Nigeria will be great. How it will happen was designed by God even before we were born; but the manifestation is in the responsibility of all Nigerians – the governors and the governed alike; because our fate is in our hands. We must pay the price to get the prize; as we cannot all just fold our hands waiting for greatness to come. For several years, we have continued to argue among ourselves about the most desirable arrangement and agreement for governing our dear nation. In my humble opinion, Nigeria is one of the most difficult societies to govern, all factors put together, including the level of awareness of the citizenry, the configuration and composition of our nation, as well as our collective ability to be deliberately mischievous and devise plots for the downfall of others. I once likened the system to a situation of driving ‘’The Autonov’’ a vehicle designed by that genius, late Prof. Ayodele Awojobi. The patented vehicle had two steering wheels installed at the front and the rear. Ingenuity made it possible for one group of drivers to steer the vehicle in the front, while another daringly driver handles the steering of the same vehicle, and both drivers move the opposite directions. NEWTON’S LAW OF MOTION: And the foregoing, that Physicists call Newton’s Third Law of Motion occurs: ‘’Action and reaction are always opposite and equal’’ Let me confess that I was one of those who felt the industrial action by Nigerian workers might proceed as organized, given the seeming unwillingness of the negotiating parties to shift positions. It is not easy for that type of feat to be recorded. I felt for the masses, including myself,  who would have been subjected to terrible inconveniences, had the total strike been permitted to hold. I, therefore, wish to congratulate and commend all parties that adopted a position of peace after those very long hours of negotiations in the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation. As an apostle of peaceful conducts and harmonious coexistence, I believe in the postulation of political theorist, Edmund Burke that: ‘’Our patience will achieve more than our…

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