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Healing broken economies and societies; healing divisions & healing the planet. “That must be our New Year’s Resolution” — UN Secretrary-General Antonio Guterres


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I never knew this very important posts containing the reactions of the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was tucked in areas for subscription on our channels.  As a gatekeeper who knows the value of the contents, I had to pull it out for repost because only one paragraph was posted when the release came out in January.


After year of ‘trials, tragedies and tears’, let’s start ‘’Healing broken economies and societies, healing divisions; and start to heal the planet in Year 2021 – UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

TERRIFIC HEADLINES was pulled back from vacation by our usual concern by current occurrences all over the world. Our major goal is to contribute to the emergence of a TRULY GREAT NIGERIA, AFRICA, the Black The Third World and the global community generally, by identifying and promoting the necessary ideals, as well as encourage contributions of conscientious and dispassionate commentators, creative counsellors, and sincere intellectual advocates of development, through inspired reasoning, that could aid policy formulation and implementation, and promote peace, international understanding & collaboration among the global community.

The leading organization that is keeping the world going is the United Nations. Whenever Secretary-General Antonio Guterres speaks about issues that threaten humanity and its existence, we believe we owe it a responsibility to our teeming readers to invite attention. As the world enters 2021, after a “year of trials, tragedies and tears”, the United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, has delivered a message of hope for the new year.

Praising the kindness shown by people around the world, the tireless efforts of frontline workers, the scientists who have developed vaccines in record time, and the countries making new advances to save the planet from climate catastrophe, Secretary-General António Guterres expressed his wish for a year of healing.

Against the backdrop of persistent suffering and grief, in a year when the COVID-19 pandemic marked everyone’s lives, Mr. Guterres said in his New Year’s message that we shall work together “in unity and solidarity”, so those “rays of hope can reach around the world”.

“So many loved ones have been lost — and the pandemic rages on, creating new waves of sickness and death”, he noted. Adding that poverty, inequality and hunger are on the rise, with jobs disappearing, certain sectors struggling to survive, debts mounting and children struggling, Mr. Guterres raised his concerns regarding the increased violence in the home and insecurity.
A transition to a sustainable future

But a New Year lies ahead, he continued, and if we work together in unity and solidarity, the rays of hope can reach around the world: “people extending a helping hand to neighbours and strangers; frontline workers giving their all; scientists developing vaccines in record time; and countries making new commitments to prevent climate catastrophe”.

“That’s the lesson of this most difficult year”, he said, “both climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic are crises that can only be addressed by everyone together – as part of a transition to an inclusive and sustainable future.” Resolutions and goals for next year: time for healing As for the UN’s plans for 2021, a central ambition is to build a global coalition for carbon neutrality – net zero emissions – by 2050, Mr. Guterres spelled out, adding that “every government, city, business and individual can play a part in achieving this vision”.

Urging the world to act together, the UN Secretary-General called on people to make peace not just among themselves, but also with nature, tackling the climate crisis, stopping the spread of COVID-19 and making 2021 a year of healing: “healing from the impact of a deadly virus.

Healing broken economies and societies; healing divisions & the healing the planet. “That must be our New Year’s Resolution” — UN Secretrary-General Antonio Guterres


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