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FAMILY VIRTUES & VALUES –  An All Year Round Social Development Campaign Initiated by Terrific Headlines

  • ‘’When people talk about successful societies, they must not forget that good family background and spousal relationships are considerable influences of successes that they enjoy today…….TERRIFIC HEADLINES
  • “None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” – Mother Teresa
  • ‘’We are talking about change in Nigeria, but the first and most important change we need is a change of heart. ‘’Take away the carnal aspect of our lives, take away the heart of stone and replace it with the heart of flesh, one that looks up to God, that seeks to please Him, knowing that He is the Creator, the only one who can guide us and that all good things come from Him’’. – Felix Ohiwerei
  • ’Ultimately, the happiness of any society begins with the well being of the families that live in it.’’ – Kofi Annan

 STRUCTURE OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT CAMPAIGN: The structured campaign sensitizes all Nigerians to collaborate and adopt measures that would guarantee preventive actions by the target audience; while also confronting the scourge of societal decay, insecurity, criminal conducts, and social vices headlong. It is being implemented to fully sensitization the citizenry to ward off the corrosive effects that modernization like erosion of values, cultures and traditions. The campaign preaches the need all citizens that have basic functions to perform in influencing development, to rise up to these challenges that have assumed frightening dimensions globally.

FOCUS: IMPLEMENTATION OF CAMPAIGN: In consideration of the fact that the quality of today’s children would naturally determine the society’s future, it is important  for  Government, parents and organizations with parental responsibilities that have not lived up to expectations to take positive steps to improve on their obligations. Everyone in any society has some basic functions to perform. The roles of these bodies are so important that in situations where they are not able to perform efficiently and effectively, the society suffers tremendously. When people talk about successful societies, they must not forget that good family background and spousal relationships are considerable influences of successes that they enjoy today. FAMILY VALUES & VIRTUES serve as a source of encouragement for younger couples, family units and the larger society to mobilize their families for cooperation for development; and enables spouses to further encourage themselves to work towards increased mutual respect and cooperation

TARGET AUDIENCE: Regrettably, problems that were alien to Nigeria are now threatening peaceful coexistence, values and virtues that were cherished and handed down to this generation. The target audience consists of: youths generally, Governments, that must coordinate activities for common good; parents, who have the greatest responsibility of bringing up their children; civil society organizations and the civil society. Particular attention is accorded encouraging collaboration by the target audience, especially organizations with parental responsibilities like places of religious worship, and educational institutions, as well as parents charged with the onerous responsibility of raising family.

A DEFINING PERIOD & PROACTIVE MEASURES: A rundown of the campaign indicates that issues being addressed affords the nation the opportunity to primarily repair damages done to societal values and strength of character of the growing ones by moral, criminal and social vices; and also attacking these vices. Evidently, the foregoing indicates that the whole world is in a defining period, and parents given several sordid occurrences, and failure of parents to combat the trend by embracing family values and collaboration of husband and wife to raise their children and wards properly at this period, when modernization has brought along with it the erosion of values, cultures and traditions. Terrorism has crossed international boundaries; necessitating the global community’s strong resolve to adopt precautionary measures to cope with the requirements of the emerging times.

PROMOTING VIRTUOUS LIVING & REGULATING EFFECTS OF MODERNIZATION: This campaign promotes virtuous conducts and enhanced enviable family values. In particular, parents must build good families as microcosms of the society, with couples being the moral compass to ensure that there is unity, commitment and indissolubility in marriage, in order to keep the family together. If the correct statistics are taken, it would be revealed that only a fraction of parents pay particular attention to the development of their children. The campaign takes cognizance of increasing alarming incidents that should be controlled without further delay; and the fact that it is better for damages not to occur at all, than for crises management to occur. The reactive approach is more costly in terms of damages done, more expensive in terms of finances injected, and takes a longer while for the crises to be combated successfully.

GENDER SENSITIVITY: We recognize the fact that the female gender constitutes pillars around which family units revolve; and as key agents that drive development. Promoting events and personalities that could generate feelings of empathy, particularly with regard to how prominent and respected Nigerians have attained greatness and have kept happy homes and families. In every situation, choosing the right strategy to solve problems requires wisdom and experience.

Our approach is to sustain the campaign to encourage parents, organizations with parental responsibilities, and government to pay greater attention to FAMILY VALUES Emphasis is on FAMILY VIRTUES & VALUES. All our eleven social media channels are involved. It involves massive sensitization of all segments of the Nigerian society on the importance of promoting FAMILY VIRTUES & VALUES.

A DEDICATED EVENTS WEBSITE is in place for interaction and publishing of information on FAMILY VIRTUES & VALUES. It is an all year round activity; designed to contributing to local and global efforts to build families and encourage women emancipation.  www.couplesofvituesandvalues.com, We operate on the following channels:

SPECIAL ADVANTAGEOUS FEATURES: Automatic translation of contents and advertisements into the following languages: Our Blog is equipped for automatic translation of our posts into YORUBA, HAUSA & IGBO languages, and several foreign languages.  Automatic translations into: English, Chinese, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic & Spanish languages and several other foreign languages (Available on our BLOG)

Our operational policy: We operate as a nonpolitical organization, and are, therefore, conscious of our responsibility of ensuring fairness, justice and ethical responsibility. We identify and promote conscientious commentators, creative counsellors, and sincere intellectual advocates of change.
We are committed to the provision of formidable, excellent, highly competitive, and functional professional services that include collaborative cooperation and linkages.


  • The need to promote socio-economic and political development
  • Linkages with the international community
  • We entertain only issue-based discussions based on merit, patriotism, fair play and justice
  • Our efforts are chiefly directed at influencing the citizenry for improvements and better standards of living and conducts, through sensitization and advocacy activities


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