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‘’What matters is that all peoples accept the need to listen; to compromise; to take each other’s views into account. What matters is that they come together, not at cross purposes but with a common purpose: a common purpose – to shape their common destiny. ‘’And that can only happen if peoples are bound together by something more than just a global market, or even a set of global rules. ‘’Each of us must share the pain of all who suffer, and the joy of all who hope, wherever in the world they may live. ‘’Each of us must earn the trust of his fellow men and women, no matter what their race, colour or creed, and learn to trust them in turn’’ – KOFI ANNAN  A rundown of our resolve to contribute to the opening of a new vista in our national life through social development campaigns commenced about 20 months ago, with our BLOG, which remains our primary source of channeling information to members of the public through our associated channels. Gradually, we added additional social media channels in order to get our messages to penetrate very deep. We premised our operational pattern on a part of the National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy Document, (NEEDS) that alludes to one of Nigeria’s objectives as: “aiming at creating a Nigeria that Nigerians will be proud to belong to and grateful to inhabit; a Nigeria that rewards hard work, protects its people and their property, and offers its children better prospects than those they may be tempted to seek in Europe or the United-States. ‘’All citizens, regardless of gender, race, religion or politics, should feel that they have a stake in Nigeria’s future and that their loyalty and diligence will be rewarded”. For a long time, our country has been in search of good governance.  We are familiar with the old order that must pass away. We have lived with it for many years. We were all involved in it, trying strenuously and sometimes violently to reposition the polity. In our diverse-natured and complex political entities, we realize the need for an evolving political readjustment.  One of the most challenging problems has to do with moral, social and criminal inclination that are not common to Nigeria alone; but the whole world. It is a global malaise; but we cannot, as a result of that development fold our arms and watch….

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