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DOWNLOAD TERRIFIC HEADLINES MOBILE APP ON GOOGLE PLAY: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.adeterrific&fbclid=IwAR2lcYJ7oQa8TalMcMeFYYfKt3fcQAabM5IlHy6SRAyIiJrOFT-4MWSIvwA TERRIFIC HEADLINES – ‘BUILDING A GREATER NIGERIA’ www.terrificheadlines.com, www.couplesofvirtuesandvalues.com, E-COMMERCE www.terrificintvesment.com, www.shop.terrificinvestment.com,   TERRIFIC HEADLINES……. An Arm of TERRIFIC INVESTMENT & CONSULTING GUIDING PHILOSOPHY: To operate with candour, conscience, accountability, efficiency, credibility, and maintain very high professional ethics INSPIRATION: “Anyone who wishes to devote himself to the press must be able to forgo much. ‘’His life consists of exhausting, grueling work; the comforts of everyday existence are denied him. ‘’It requires a strong dose of idealism to devote oneself completely and wholeheartedly to the journalistic profession. ‘’Only one who is in a position to identify man and deed will be able to make his own way.” – Herman Ziock VISION — TERRIFIC HEADLINES is an online news organization that features highly educative, entertaining and insightful issues and events. Its parent organization is TERRIFIC INVESTMENT & CONSULTING LTD. We operate as a non-political organization, and are, therefore, conscious of our responsibility of ensuring fairness, justice and ethical responsibility. Accordingly: We identify and promote conscientious commentators, creative counsellors, and sincere intellectual advocates of change. We engage in advocacy; both for business and social concerns; including advertising, marketing, public relations, propaganda and political communication. We enrich and educate human minds and the society at large, in addition to the traditional role of providing entertainment. We feature public service announcements to invite the attention of the general public to issues and events, particularly those that are of common interest. MISSION: WE ENSURE THAT: Our publications are of international standards; and are always done in good faith, and for future generations, in recognition of virtues and values that are worth reading and recording for posterity. Therefore, we  sensitize Nigerians, and our readers generally on socio-economic and political issues. Our responsibilities are as follows: WE ARE GUIDED BY THE FOLLOWING: We entertain only issue-based discussions based on merit, patriotism, fair play and justice Our efforts are chiefly directed at influencing the citizenry for improvements and better standards of living and conducts, through sensitization and advocacy activities The need to promote the public good. OPERATIONAL OBJECTIVES & POLICIES:  We convey information to the people to let them know how their mandate is being discharged. We provide a platform for the government and the governed to interact We assist in the articulation and pursuit of the national We help strengthen the economic, social and political fabric of the nation. We…

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