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COVID-19 –Medical expert relates how medical student son died; both parents infected….Indicates you cannot be too careful


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This story Gynaecologist Dr Mrs Shabnir Tahir is one of anguish. Dr Tahir is described as one of the best in her field in Pakistan. But it is worth sharing so humanity could learn from the experiences of medical doctor parents who lost their son, a 4th-year media student to Coronavirus in spite of the assumption that they took adequate precautions. The story is trending on social media because the mother, a gynecologist –  Dr. Shabnam Tahir decided to share the information so others could learn from experience. It is such a painful but patriotic decision for someone who suffered such a huge loss. YOU CANNOT BE TOO CAREFUL: Dr Mrs Shabnir Tahir — I send a great message to everyone in the world regarding the death of my son Salman Tahir, a fourth-year student. Back to that mother’s words. Unique Times quotes Dr. Tahir as stating that: “May God bless you all”! Yesterday, my son left this world. And, today itself am at isolation Centre coming to speak to you, so that no mother will lose her son/daughter or anyone. Am not only a mother, but, also a doctor. My son had no physical problem nor was known for low immunity. He was 21years healthy, active and athletic and also good at sports, socializing, maintaining friendship etc. apart from being good at studies. He had a desire to study well, become a good doctor and serve the people. But, everything turned upside down in 72 hours! He never went out during lockdown period. Twice he went out in own vehicle for 5 minutes each but quickly washed as per norms on returning, being a medical student himself. On the eve of Eid night, he went out with 2 of his friends for 2 hours and quickly had his bath on returning and slept. On Eid morning he didn’t get up early. When I went to him he had a small frontal headache. I gave him Panadol tablet. He had very little lunch that day. When the headache had not subsided, I took the temperature and found it to be 99 degrees. I felt worried. Considering the present circumstances, I isolated him in the house itself. In 24 hours the temperature rose to 101. Again I gave him Panadol+Brufen. Same day he complained of stiffness in the neck. Myself and my Pediatrician-husband suspected Meningitis. But he had no nausea or…

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