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CORONAVIRUS – THE STATE OF THE WORLD …….World Health Organisation puts attack in high gear.


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WHO names scientists, physicians, funders and manufacturers who have come together as part of an international collaboration, coordinated by the World Health Organization (WHO), to help speed the availability of a vaccine against COVID-19.  Coronavirus is 10 times deadlier than the 2009 flu pandemic Education of 1.4 billion children affected Countries advised to ensure that where stay-at-home measures are used, they must not be at the expense of human rights.  Each government must assess their situation, while protecting all their citizens, and especially the most vulnerable. United Kingdom contributes £200 million to the global response to COVID-19  SPEECH OF WHO DG AT MEDIA BRIEFING Good morning, good afternoon and good evening.                     Some countries and communities have now endured several weeks of social and economic restrictions. Some countries are considering when they can lift these restrictions; others are considering whether and when to introduce them. In both cases, these decisions must be based first and foremost on protecting human health, and guided by what we know about the virus and how it behaves. Since the beginning, this has been an area of intense focus for WHO. As we have said many times before, this is a new virus, and the first pandemic caused by a coronavirus.  We’re all learning all the time and adjusting our strategy, based on the latest available evidence. We can only say what we know, and we can only act on what we know. Evidence from several countries is giving us a clearer picture about this virus, how it behaves, how to stop it and how to treat it. We know that COVID-19 spreads fast, and we know that it is deadly – 10 times deadlier than the 2009 flu pandemic. We know that the virus can spread more easily in crowded environments like nursing homes.  We know that early case-finding, testing, isolating caring for every case and tracing every contact is essential for stopping transmission. We know that in some countries, cases are doubling every 3 to 4 days. However, while COVID-19 accelerates very fast, it decelerates much more slowly.  In other words, the way down is much slower than the way up.  That means control measures must be lifted slowly, and with control. It cannot happen all at once. Control measures can only be lifted if the right public health measures are in place, including significantcapacity  for contact tracing. But while some countries are considering…

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