Sunday, March 7, 2021
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The ability to access affordable, quality, healthcare has become “a matter of life and death”, the UN labour agency brief says. ’The spread of COVID-19 in developing countries could compromise recovery plans, expose millions of people to poverty and affect global readiness to cope with similar crises. ILO calls for urgent, short-term measures to close the coverage gaps Stimulus packages difficult in developing countries because estimated financing needs are around $2.5 trillion, Immediate increase in health spending is projected to reach between $160 billion and $500 billion. Substantial investment needed to avert mental health crisis – Pleads for the adoption of measures to handle the situation Need for social cohesion to reduce loneliness: Impact of the pandemic on people’s mental health is already extremely concerning A study in Ethiopia, in April 2020, reported a 3-fold increase in the prevalence of symptoms of depression During the pandemic, in China, health-care workers have reported high rates of depression (50%), anxiety (45%), and insomnia (34%) If you are one of those people treating the issue of the COVID-19 pandemic with levity, you had better change your mind and cooperate with government in its renewed attempt to contain the situation. And this applies mosly to people living in the developing world.  Policy briefs issued by the International Labour Organization (ILO) an agency of the United Nations has revealed that there is the need for people to pay greater attention to the spread of Coronavirus in the developing nations. TIME FOR AFRICAN LEADERS TO THINK DEEPLY: Elsewhere, UNAIDS, the UN agency fighting against the deadly HIV/AIDS virus, has initiated a petition from global leaders requesting that when a successful COVID-19 vaccine is developed, it be made available free of charge to all. Additionally, reports indicate that a halt to all debt repayments (both principal and interest) would be required for one year,  or until debt restructuring packages are worked out. This is essential because as much as $1.6 trillion of developing country external debt is due to be repaid in 2020, with a further $1.1 trillion due in 2021. Terrific Headlines comments that the first few weeks of the Post-COVID-19 era would be an auspicious time for Africa’s leaders who must be thinking and working at this critical period to come together under the auspices of the African Union to forge a solid agenda that would curtail spending on unreasonable actions that are drawing Africa…

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