Sunday, March 7, 2021
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 A common concern in NIGERIA in the past few decades is how to build a resilient economy. We are always quick to point in the direction of the Far-East countries and Dubai as societies that have performed economic miracles in the past 20 years. Dubai, in particular was a desert land in 1999.  Optimists, patriots, critics and cynics both design workable and unworkable agenda for implementation by government. It is true that policies and programmes articulated without reference to the target population would always fail. Similarly, communities without visioning and long range plans would also never succeed in building a resilient economy. This is why collaboration for public good is desirable to move all societies forward. We can always mouth the fact that some prominent nations like Singapore and the United Arab Emirates have transformed their economies remarkably in the last 20 years. It has been possible through some factors chiefly resilience, patriotism, and workable plans that have been supported by their citizens for implementation. Now, the trend is for all of us to head for DUBAI for vacations, and even social functions thus encouraging capital flights.  If this tendency is further examined, it would translate into the need for all of us – the government and the governed – to stay committed to advancing the economic agenda that are drawn for us.  And the private sector must take the lead while government plays the role of facilitator/creator of an enabling environment. This is one of the reasons for the very practical steps taken by the federal government to promote local investments through the MADE IN NIGERIA campaign. CAMPAIGN GOES TO ZONES:   When we talk about economic progress, we dream about societies inhabited by people who have advanced. But we forget that the ingredients of transformation and prosperity demand patriotism, collaboration, social responsibility and hard work. These factors have made it possible for the Nigerian Diaspora to have the capability of financing the federal government annual budget through remittances that have peaked at US$ 25 Billion. BUILDING A RESILIENT ECONOMY:  The popular John F. Kennedy quote is apposite here:  ‘’Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.” We cannot build a resilient economy in Nigeria through preference for foreign products, and investing our hard-earned resources abroad.  It is only when we all resolve to build our nation together that this great African country could progress. This is…

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