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BOOKS WITHOUT BORDERS … GOOD GOVERNANCE …… ”The ingredient that is missing in Africa” — Barack Obama


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There is always a tripodal stand on which authorship stands: the author, the subject matter, and the target audience. The author, being the principal leg of the tripod, must, through experience and exposure, research or study; or a combination of some or all of those factors, have a thorough grasp of the subject matter. The subject matter must be well espoused and be clearly communicated by the author to a definable target audience who on interacting with the author and the subject matter in a book (or any publication of that sort), must be able to understand and relate with both the author and the subject matter. Other essential ingredients that are adjunct to the three legs of the tripod are the setting and the timing of the writing of a book.

This is perhaps the telescopic backdrop against which the review of Femi Adelegan’s books on Governance & Governance Proceduresthat are premised. It is an indisputable fact that Femi Adelegan, the author of these books is a thoroughbred scholar whose fountain of knowledge runs very deep. His gentle and quiet miens merely belie his profoundness. His wealth of experience, combining with his global exposure and his voraciousness at reading, make him versatile. As such, any time Femi, as he is simply and amiably called, decides to speak or write about any subject, it can conveniently be declared ‘a done deal’ right from the outset. And, good enough for we his readers, his simplicity ensures that he writes in a manner that anyone with basic education can read and understand and yet will get even a professorial thinking!

GOOD GOVERNANCE & GOVERNANCE PROCEDURES …… ”Good governance is the ingredient that is missing in Africa — Barack Obama”

A Book on Africa’s Development Challenges and Limitless Potentials as the Next Frontier for the Global Economy
ABUJA – NIGERIA – Author Femi Adelegan’s nonfiction book X-Rays Development Challenges of Africa; Its Opulence & Pervasive Poverty & Its Potentials as the Next Frontier for the Global Economy.

‘’One of my findings is that Africa holds great potentials as the next frontier to the global economy. Africa really has no reason to be poor, had there been conscientious efforts, dedication, and commitment to building the continent The negative effects of the seeming reluctance of some Western nations to free Africa completely from their grips through continued subtle manipulation of the political and economic development of Africa, even after granting these countries independence are highlighted — Author

The very important and decisive factors of good governance and the evolution of a viable political culture in Africa are treated perceptively in this publication. The author highlights important requirements as the need to re-awaken political leaders on the importance of good governance to societal development, encourage efforts towards the re-evaluation and proper utilization of the economic fortunes of Africa and the Black race, and also stimulate actions towards the reduction of the digital divide that impacts the black race through the proper implementation of the globalization agenda. It is to be noted, however, as I have pointed out in one of my papers, that the perpetrators of vices such as poor governance, corruption, impunity, and lack of transparency would not easily give up the privileges accruing to their practices. It also draws the attention of African leaders, elites and the general citizenry, to the need to be more involved in the process of participatory democracy and governance in order to record greater development. – Prof. Ibrahim A. Gambari – Former United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs & Special Adviser on Africa & Nigeria’s former Minister of External Affairs.

An excerpt from AFRICA: The Game Changers & Dynamics of Power
Africa seems to have boxed itself into an uncomfortable state by acts of commission and omission on the part of the continent’s leaders. Poor management of the continent’s vast human and material resources over the years has been identified as one of its greatest banes….Pervasive corruption, sometimes aided by the developed nations, is another obstacle to the realization of the key objectives of African nations. Terrorism and conflicts have become pronounced and have assumed dangerous dimensions. Underdevelopment has also been promoted largely by the incoherent implementation of policies, and institutional reforms, for the enforcement of rules and regulations introduced for the economic and political transformation of Third World countries. But all hope is not lost. Of notable importance is the increasing political awareness of Africans that are becoming very much interested in accountability, transparency, and good governance. Indeed, Africans are now determined, more than ever before, to take their fate in their own hands, in order to advance socioeconomic and political development, which is the most potent way of developing the continent.– Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR, President, Federal Republic of Nigeria (2003-2011)

AUTHOR Femi Adelegan is author of books on good governance & governance procedures, particularly in African nations. He is a time-tested bureaucrat and information manager whose technocratic instincts have kept him within the precincts of power for several years. Adelegan, a publicist, administrator, thinker & writer, runs a consultancy outfit in diverse fields in Abuja, Nigeria. He is Principal/CEO, Terrific Investment & Consulting & Initiator of a social development campaign on FAMILY VALUES,  For EBooks, please visit www.shop.terrificinvestment.com, and for bulk purchases, contact info@terrificinvestment.com, or by phone on +234-8033977394.


A Book That Challenges Common Definitions of Governance
Author Femi Adelegan brings a lifetime of experiences in Nigeria’s government to topic
ABUJA, Nigeria – Femi Adelegan’s nonfiction book “Governance: An Insider’s Reflections on the Nigerian Polity highlights his belief that governments and their major actors – public officers – are in office to carry out the wishes of the greater majority of the populace.

“In practical terms, governance is a sort of sacrosanct social contract between the government and the governed. There are obligations to be fulfilled by both parties. Not many people know that governance is a very complex process, which quite naturally tasks the ingenuity of leaders. It is about seeking solutions to problems and harnessing the human and material resources of a defined territory for the purpose of development. – Author

An excerpt from “Governance: An Insider’s Reflections on the Nigerian Polity”:
One of the lessons derivable from the author’s effort, however, is that the world needs to care more about democracy, raise fundamental questions about it, re-assess performances from time to time, and strive to leave a worthy legacy. The book is being published at a time the polity is characterized by serious challenges of development, the misery of many as the polity continues to be fettered by the diminishing patriotism, declining productivity, selfishness, and greed. The corrosive forces of primitive patronage, compulsive compromise, and complex corruption, especially in the developing world are being compounded by the gross deficit in internal party democracy to pose serious challenges to the consolidation of democracy and good governance. – Prof. Tunde Adeniran, Nigeria’s former Minister of Education & Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany.

ENDORSEMENT: “You have no doubt acquired a rich blend of knowledge and maturity, having served in various positions. Your book on Governance will help in demystifying governance and the occupants of political offices” — Senator Liyel Imoke; Former Governor, Cross River State, Nigeria

ENDORSEMENT: Adelegan’s conclusions are rooted in theories and concepts about governance. The book provides an informative insight into governance and enables the reader to draw knowledge from an academic point of view and provides guidelines for a practitioner. It is well illustrated with authenticated examples of issues pertaining to governance, particularly in Third World countries that are currently plagued by political instability and underdevelopment. The book suggests the necessary changes that should be firmly embedded into the process of governance. It offers professional advice on procedures of seeking solutions to problems, and harnessing human and material resources for the purpose of development. This is a 5-star book. A book that compels readers to finish reading before putting it down – Dr. Yemi Farounbi OON – Expert in communication & Nigeria’s former Ambassador to the Republic of the Philippines & the Kingdom of Cambodia

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ABUJA, NigeriaAuthor Femi Adelegan’s book emphasizes the importance of strategic communication as an essential ingredient of good governance
“Information management is one of the hardest tasks. In all societies and corporate organizations, information is required at all levels to be able to promote understanding, foster relationships, and attain targets and objectives. Information management and processing entail a great deal of activity than people generally imagine. Every so often, it is an activity that is taken for granted; a reaction that should not be so. The citizen’s rights to know how they are governed in a democracy and the right of shareholders in an organization to demand accountability and transparency have combined to put those engaged in Governance on their toes. This compilation treats information management and the generic concepts of management, including planning, organizing, structuring, processing, controlling evaluation, and reporting of information activities. – Author

AN EXCERPT FROM FOREWORD: Every society needs information for continued existence and survival. No society could thrive without information. For any government to succeed in accordance with established governance principles, it must have in place a coordinated information management system with which information would be processed for consumption. At all times, the communicative feedback mechanism must be oiled to ensure complete information flow. Techniques of Information Management in Governance” by Femi Adelegan, a highly experienced and talented professional, treats systematically, patterns and techniques of managing information, that is sine-qua-non for human survival. The compilation highlights the relevance of information to inclusive pace and pattern of growth, that are considered interlinked, and therefore, need to be addressed together, as critical factors for achieving a high, sustainable growth required in societies and organizations. The author has matched his postulations with appropriate suggestions of policies and actions that could enable organizations function well in information management. His theoretical and practical postulations also enable readers understand better, the importance of a well managed and coordinated information flow to the success of those engaged in governance, in both the public and private sectors. — Senator David A.B. Mark, GCON, President of the Senate of Federal Republic of Nigeria (2007-2015) Former State governor & former Federal Minister of Communications.

An excerpt from ENDORSEMENT of the book:
Techniques of Information Management in Governance has been released at an auspicious time when the whole world is paying particular attention to problems associated with development through the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. (SDGs) If the SDGs must succeed, communicators have a great role to play in assisting growth and development at all levels of governmental activity. Attaining the objectives of managing information for overall development, even at the global level has over the years tasked the ingenuity, foresight, and skills of professional image managers and communicators, including Advertisers, Brand Managers, Public Relations practitioners, Reputation Managers, Journalists, media practitioners and those engaged in the information technology sector. Part of the responsibilities of the communicators and information managers is to mobilize the human race for ”sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development” by year 2030, as contained in the UN SDGs’’ – Dr. Yemi Farounbi, OON, Information & Communication expert & Nigeria’s former Ambassador to the Republic of Philippines and the Kingdom of Cambodia.

ENDORSEMENT: Femi Adelegan, an author of notable publications on Good Governance has brought his knowledge of governance to bear as a professional who served as a technocrat and information manager in five different governments at vantage positions as a key participant in the intricate art of governance. The author’s long walk in the corridors of power has surely enabled him to write authoritatively on political leadership and performance in democratic settings. Therefore, I recommend this very rich literature as resource material for students, teachers, information managers, media practitioners and those placed in strategic positions as managers of human resources for fresh and revealing ideas on techniques of information management in governance, political and corporate governance procedures, and general administration of human and material resources.
Prof. Dayo Alao, President/Vice-Chancellor
Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State, Nigeria

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A Book that guides intending visa applicants & foreign travellers on successful foreign travels

REVIEWER KAYODE OLADEJI — Abuja –NIGERIA: Author Femi Adelegan’s nonfiction book enlightens international travellers on travel documents at diplomatic posts, or pass through border posts without completing the due process. Largely, educate intending travellers for business and pleasure and opens intending travellers to brighter chances of scaling the hurdles of securing travel documents, on account of proper understanding of immigration and border post regulations and conducts. Therefore, this publication does not encourage sharp practices of any form for the purposes stated therein. Visa and passport applicants, and all users of border posts are advised to be as honest as possible in their documentation. It is also important to know that the streets of advanced nations are not paved with gold or silver; and these nations also have their peculiar developmental challenges; and therefore, would not wish that dislocations occur to their developmental plans.”

EXCERPT FROM FOREWORD: One notable feature in this book is Femi Adelegan’s strong plea to Nigerians to stop illegal migration abroad due to the harshness of the economy, but stay at home to join hands to build a truly great Nigeria. This, he says, could be realized by enforcing good governance through legitimate and democratic options. The author equally encourages Nigerians to abandon sycophancy and other ills that have plagued the nation, and resolve to make the people the key components of governance who could take the political class to the task. They could do this by empowering themselves democratically to choose/elect their representatives freely and democratically. The author states that: ‘’Nigerians must show that they are the masters of people in Government and demand for good governance as of right. ‘’People must discontinue the practice of taking several pages of advertisements in newspapers and airtime on electronic media to thank government functionaries who commission projects in their areas; for what politicians promised to do while campaigning for votes; and for duties they are paid to perform. ’’This publication could not have come at a better time than now when the whole world is united about the need for good governance, and combating terror; issues that have compelled nations to continue to tighten their immigration policies, and at a period when the federal government of Nigeria is introducing a new border control and immigration system to ease operations at the nation’s border posts, coupled with the introduction of a multi bio-metric system that is capable of generating a database of travelers and users of the ports. This book is ‘’A Must Read’’ for all who wish to be guided on how to have smooth passages at border posts in Nigeria and abroad, attaining the objective of doing business with ease in Nigeria, and for Nigerians to conduct themselves in an orderly manner while on visits abroad.
Ambassador Joe C. Keshi, OON
Retired Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nigeria

ABOUT THE BOOK: This book offers guidance on immigration regulations and other measures adopted by Nigeria and foreign countries they wish to visit for different reasons, and why visas may be refused. The reasons are not exhaustive and are varied periodically. It is important for applicants for visas to know that foreign diplomatic posts in Nigeria; and Nigeria’s Missions abroad reserve the right to issue or deny visas to intending foreign visitors. based Even in situations where applicants are issued with valid entry visas, automatic entry at border posts of foreign nations are not guaranteed; because immigration officers at entry points still reserve the right to turn back anybody issued with visas, should the entry clearance officers adjudge visitors ineligible for some reasons, that vary from nation to nation. This book also educates on conducts expected of all classes of Nigerians at all entry points. Going through this compilation would enrich the knowledge of visa applicants and guide the conduct of Nigerians travelling abroad, to prevent incidents that tarnish the image of Nigeria in foreign countries. – Author

TITLE: NIGERIA’S LEADING LIGHTS OF THE GOSPEL – Revolutionaries in Worldwide Christianity –ISBN 978-978-53496-1-0
A Book on How Nigeria Is Indelibly Challenging World Christianity
Abuja –NIGERIA: Author Femi Adelegan’s nonfiction book highlights Nigeria’s indelible contributions to global evangelism

EXCERPT FROM PREFACE: One significant achievement of this book is the ability of Femi Adelegan to highlight Nigeria’s indelible impact on global Christianity and our unique African imprint on Christian spirituality and evangelistic outreach. Christianity in Nigeria has not only produced shining lights, but the Church in Nigeria has both blessed, enriched, as well as challenged World Christianity in the areas of self-propagation, self-government, creative adaptability, and fidelity to the faith once delivered to the Saints. Like the heroes of faith who made the Honour Roll in Hebrews Chapter Eleven, and like the African Fathers of the Early Church after the Apostolic Age, like Tertullian, Clement, Origen, Cyprian, Athanasius and Augustine, our Nigeria’s Shining Lights, both militant and triumphant have now been exposed to the gaze of the Church – local, national and universal. – Retired Archbishop Lawrence Ayo Ladigbolu; Methodist Church, Nigeria

FOREWORD: This book is a witness of God’s love and grace of God to men who are prepared to walk with Him to advance His Kingdom here on earth. I applaud and commend the author of the book, Femi Adelegan, for his deep biblical insights of how many of these ministers of the gospel became God’s favourite vessels in propagating the gospel and enthroning righteousness in the nation. – Rtd Gen. (Dr) Yakubu Gowon, GCFR; Nigeria’s Head of State (1966-1975) & Chairman, NIGERIA PRAYS MOVEMENT

Excerpt from Book Reviewer Bamidele Salam.
Author Femi Adelegan’s nonfiction book:“NIGERIA’S LEADING LIGHTS OF THE GOSPEL: Revolutionaries In Worldwide Christianity unearths the mysterious persistence of God’s calling, the often stubborn resistance of the called, the eventual surrender, and the justification of the calling of notable Nigerian priests of God. Many of these characters did not enter into their canonical office without a few faltering steps; but again, like the Biblical Peter, some of them had cause to doubt the purpose of their calling and felt miserably sorry at some point in their terrestrial journeys. But then, the One who prayed for Peter to be restored is an eternal advocate whose gift and calling are without repentance. It is very sobering to imagine the great patience of our Lord who stood at the door of the hearts of many of today’s great preachers knocking for so long, expecting a positive answer. Like the story of Peter the fisherman, in the Book of Luke chapter 5 verses 1-11, many of today’s leading lights of the gospel met Jesus in their state of frustration” The similarity between those miraculous acts recorded in the Bible, and the ones documented in NIGERIA’S LEADING LIGHTS OF THE GOSPEL goes a long way to confirm that indeed, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.’’– Reviewer, Bamidele Salam.

An excerpt from the Author:
‘’This work is a comprehensive compilation on Nigerian ministers of the Gospel, who are spreading the Gospel according to Jesus Christ; contributing tremendously to the global move to free people from the clutches of the devil, The 43 ecumenical personalities in this compilation have contributed tremendously to the spread of Christianity and have been mightily used by God to liberate the oppressed and those in bondage even beyond the shores of Nigeria. As readers peruse, they will most probably be filled with feelings of empathy that would undoubtedly strengthen them to tap into grace and flow in His divine wisdom while enjoying the mercy of God. After all, it is perfectly permissible in the Scriptures for us to covet spiritual things. All who lust for divine service must be prepared to enjoy all the God-given privileges by walking with God by serving Him faithfully’’

About the Author : Femi Adelegan is an author of several book publications particularly on good governance. He is a time-tested bureaucrat, technocrat, thinker, writer, author, and publisher. Adelegan is a church leader and prolific writer of spiritual resources and Christian grace which can inspire and challenge many others to love the Lord more and to serve Him with greater zeal and devotion so that more and more disciples can be raised to spread scriptural holiness throughout the world.

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THE PART TO PLAY – An autobiography of Chief S.T. Adelegan; Deputy-Speaker, Western Region of Nigeria House of Assembly
Author Shadrach Adelegan brings a service-driven life to spotlight

ABUJA, NigeriaShadrach Adelegan’s nonfiction book: ‘The Part to Play’’ tells the story of the life of a humanist; patriot, politician, educator and statesman characterized by patriotism and dedication to the cause of humanity. Tells the story of the issues that led to the collapse of First Republic Democracy in Nigeria

EXCERPT FROM FOREWORD: “Adelegan’s handling of the proceedings of the defunct post-emergency Western Region House of Assembly as Speaker Pro-tempore, was commended by the political party in power and the opposition who saw Adelegan as an impartial arbiter. This publication will surely be useful to students of History and politics. — Archdeacon Emmanuel Oladipo Alayande OFR, LLD, JP

An excerpt from the book: 1962 LEGISLATIVE DISTURBANCES ON THE FLOOR OF THE WESTERN REGION HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY: Chairs began to fly in different directions. One located Chief Awolowo but was quickly intercepted by Chief Alfred Rewane. There was a free-for-all fight, a situation that attracted tear gas from the security men. As soon as the tear gas was thrown, the whole place became deserted as the honourable men fled. The Speaker – Adeleke Adedoyin, myself, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Chief Jonathan Odebiyi managed to find our ways to the Speaker’s Office. There, Chief Awolowo telephoned the Prime Minister, Alhaji Tafawa Balewa to inform him of the rascality displayed by the people on the floor of the House. Mutually, we should agree to keep decency in the House.’’

COMMENDATIONS: Hansard – Official Bulletin of the Western Region House of Assembly – 6th April, 1965
The Hon. Chief S.L. Akintola (Premier): ‘’Perhaps I may express the sentiments of both sides of the House. We pay you, Sir, the commendation that is due to you for the efficient manner in which you have been able to carry on and discharge the duties of the Speaker of this honourable House. (Cheers). It is unfortunate that ill-health prevented the Hon. Speaker of this House from attending this important Budget Meeting but, in spite of the short notice, you came to our rescue as an experienced Deputy Speaker who has been able to assimilate and acquire a great deal of practical knowledge. For this, we are very much indebted to you for the successful completion of this Budget Meeting and I think that your performance on this occasion augurs well for the future because you have discharged your duties remarkably well, so efficiently and so charmingly, that the Members of the Opposition will always like to see you on the Chair.

COMMENDATION – The Hon. Alhaji D.S Adegbenro: (Leader of Opposition): Mr. Speaker, Sir, I like to associate myself with the views and sentiments expressed by the hon. Premier. When the appointment of Mr. Speaker was proposed, I was consulted, and I argued that you, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, ought to have been promoted to the post of the substantive Speaker. I was informed that there were some difficulties in the rank and file of the NNDP and I had to agree that you still hold your post as Deputy Speaker and in spite of the fact that you happen to be the Deputy Speaker, you have discharged your duties impartially and you deserve our commendation as well. My Deputy Speaker, Sir, we congratulate you on being an efficient and impartial Speaker’’.

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TOPIC: LARGE SCALE PARENTING DEFICIENCY — NIGERIAN PROFESSIONAL COURSE-PLOTS FAMILY VALUES CAMPAIGN……Aims at modifying attitudinal changes in all strata of the Nigerian society.

CONCERNED about the effect on multi-dimensional challenges of insecurity, criminal, and social vices globally, and its attendant effects on Nigeria and Africa, TERRIFIC HEADLINES, a Strategic Integrated Communications outfit is running an advocacy activity designed to combat large-scale social and criminal vices and parental deficiencies in Nigeria. ’The key objective is to evolve radical changes in behavioural patterns across the strata of the society through moderation of attitudes to tackle social and criminal vices that have tormented the world in the past few years. The multi-pronged social media campaign is running on the network of our organs. Because the issue of Family Values is a critical determinant of development, we plan to expand this campaign.

Tagged: FAMILY & PARENTS OF VIRTUES, the media crusade focuses on an urgent intervention by stakeholders including parents, governments, organizations with parental responsibilities, and the civil society to in. The activity comes at a defining period when viable strategies of preventing vices like terrorism, avoidable conflicts and wars, illegal migration, prostitution, drugs peddling, armed robbery, rape, cybercrime, prostitution, and advance fees scams have become global concerns. In deploying strategies to reform the society, the campaign places premium on adequate parental care and adopts preventive over reactive options to forestall incidents of children imbibing negative ways of life at impressionable ages.

The importance of the activity is underscored by the fact that in several homes, youths are abused and children are indoctrinated into horrifying activities. ‘’An analogy is useful here. ‘’If all adults who are criminals and law-breakers are eliminated today, what happens to millions of young ones already indoctrinated through exposure to dysfunctional family structures, social marginalization, and poverty? The organizers, accordingly, contended that everyone in the society has some basic functions to perform and this role is so important that where parents and stakeholders are unable to perform efficiently and effectively, society suffers tremendously. It states grave concerns as economic inequality, cultural norms, access to guns, alcohol, illicit drugs, and other issues that promote delinquency.

Looking further for solutions, the campaign identifies women as pivots of family units with lots of influence that could help, while also utilizing ROLE MODELLING. Says the organizers: ‘’our mandate places very high premium on the need to create feelings of empathy. This aspect of the activity is to further encourage men and women alike, with responsibility for the training of children and wards and managing the home, to stand committed to the objective of joint responsibility for successes of couples in life and family units.’’ It warned that: ‘’unless adequate steps are taken, the global community may soon witness an unmanageable upsurge in social and criminal vices says Team Leader, Femi Adelegan. The programme is all about peace and development,. Nigeria has resources sufficient to move it to greatness. Also treated along is the reorientation of the people to imbibe the culture of patriotism, hard work, and good governance in this critical, difficult and challenging world.

He added that: ‘Having gained a foothold in Nigeria, the organizers are fine-tuning plans to flood the rest of Africa with the campaign. The long term plan, says Adelegan, is to capture the whole of Africa, its Diaspora, and the global community in view of the anticipated positive, obvious, and rational effects. More importantly, the campaign aligns with the United Nations SDGs 2030 agenda, It also keys into the UN Agenda that designate Years 2015-2024 as the International Decade of People of African Descent; and the African Union Agenda 2063. ‘’Women have a huge role to play as pivots of family units. We believe that peace-building is the responsibility of everyone. A DEDICATED WEBSITE is in place for interaction and publishing of information on FAMILY VIRTUES & VALUES that also promotes interests of the female gender.

The mandates of TERRIFIC HEADLINES cover, among others, economic development, Public/Private sector partnership, security consciousness, good governance, democracy, leadership; accountability, and rule of law, while also discouraging perpetration of social and criminal vices. The initiator of the campaign, Femi Adelegan is author of notable publications on good governance and has had a long walk in the corridor of power in Nigeria. He is a time-tested information manager, author, writer, media entrepreneur, and bureaucrat whose technocratic instincts kept him within the precincts of power for several years.