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TRIUMPH OVER INTELLIGENT ENEMIES … by  Rotimi Olugbule ….. The book identifies and enables the reader to understand wicked spirits in his/her environment. It teaches how to receive the power to subdue intelligent enemies, acquire deep insights to guarantee successes in life, and also learn how to rule in the midst of enemies and strong opposition.  To survive challenges, you must arm yourselves with sufficient knowledge of these ”intelligent enemies,” learn the strategies of dealing with them, and then use the weapon of prayers to subdue them. For those who belong to God, especially carriers of the covenant, divine protection is assured provided you walk according to the dictates of the Lord.  This book teaches spiritual principles of defeating adversaries on the path of Christians as there is no one living in this world unopposed.

DEFEATING THE ENEMIES OF YOUR CALLING … by Rotimi Olugbule …… The agenda of the enemy is to steal, kill and destroy the ”coat of many colours”. It is a sad development for people to allow the enemy to steal their joy, peace, or virtues. The book highlights the importance of ministers of God standing firm in their faith to confront the rage on the enemy against the gospel of Jesus Christ. It points out that the Christian race terminates in Heaven, hence the need for Christians to fight to defeat satanic schemes positioned to rob them of their eternal rewards. The book stresses the importance of focusing on the Lord and placing trust in Him alone for direction. Among others, the publication alerts of the Biblical warning that horrible and incredible occurrences will characterize the end-time and pinpoints the ideal virtues that a Christian minister must possess; as well as the pitfalls that must be avoided. It is a ”must read” for Christians and also people seeking Jesus Christ as their Lord and Personal Saviour.

IGNITING THE FIRE OF REVIVAL IN OUR CHURCHES … by Rotimi Olugbule ….. The author likens the church of Christ to a filling station where Christians obtain nourishments to continue their terrestrial journeys through planet Earth.  This book X-rays some salient areas that may be carelessly overlooked but are major points of leakages.

However, the church has over the years experienced stiff opposition from the kingdom of darkness ruled by the devil and its cohorts. Spiritual attacks and intimidation are common occurrences that necessitate tightening up belts to rebuild broken walls of the church after the order of Nehemiah. The author points out that every child of God who aspires to make Heaven must be filled with the Holy Spirit, study the Holy Bible deeply, and copy only the good examples laid out by Jesus Christ who is the Role Model. Readers are afforded the opportunity of receiving uncommon and fresh divine touch as they go through these compilations.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR  ….  Rotimi Olugbule, an engineer, is an ordained Pastor at the Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries and is currently the Regional Overseer of MFM, Dakwo Region, Abuja. He is a teacher, preacher, evangelist, and spiritual guide with deep spiritual insight. He has an unquenchable passion for raising leaders and has authored Christian books to assist believers in loving the Lord more and discovering the purposes of their creation by the Lord. He is married to Bimpe – a loving and supportive wife and the union is blessed with children.

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