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THE PART TO PLAY – An autobiography of S.T. Adelegan-Speaker, Western Nigeria House of Assembly (1960-1965)

Author Shadrach Adelegan brings a service-driven life to focus; recounts events leading to the crash of First
Republic politics in Nigeria from the perspective of a participant-observer
ABUJA, Nigeria – Shadrach Adelegan’s nonfiction book: ‘The Part to Play’’ tells the story of a service-driven life of a Nigerian humanist
characterized by patriotism, dedication, and fortitude.
EXCERPT FROM FOREWORD: “Adelegan’s handling of the proceedings of the defunct post-emergency Western Region House of Assembly
as Speaker Protempore, was commended by the political party in power and the opposition who saw Adelegan as an impartial arbiter. This
publication will surely be useful to students of History and politics. — Archdeacon Emmanuel Oladipo Alayande OFR, LLD, JP.
standard of Debates and the ways and manners by which members advanced the needs of their constituencies were remarkably better than
what obtained after us. It is important to note that, in spite of the poor allowances of the hon. Members and lack of provision of accommodation
for members; we still performed so wonderfully well. I was not provided with accommodation despite my position as Deputy Speaker. In my
own perception, the House was the best ever put in place in Nigeria. The composition, stuff, presentation and even defence of one’s
constituency’s interest made the House unique.
COMMENDATIONS: Hansard – Official Bulletin of the Western Region House of Assembly – 6 th April, 1965
The Hon. Chief S.L. Akintola (Premier): ‘’Perhaps I may express the sentiments of both Sides of the House. We pay you, Sir, the
commendation that is due to you for the efficient manner in which you have been able to carry on and discharge the duties of the Speaker of
this honourable House. (Cheers). For this, we are very much indebted to you for the successful completion of this Budget Meeting and I think
that your performance on this occasion augurs well for the future because you have discharged your duties remarkably well, so efficiently and
so charmingly, that the Members of the Opposition will always like to see you on the Chair.
The Hon. Alhaji D.S Adegbenro: (Leader of Opposition): Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I like to associate myself with the views and sentiments
expressed by the hon. Premier. In spite of the fact that you happen to be the Deputy Speaker, you have discharged your duties impartially and
you deserve our commendation as well. My Deputy Speaker, Sir, we congratulate you for being an efficient and impartial Speaker’’.
RELATIONSHIPS — Chief Dennis Osadebey: ‘’He was such a humourous and thorough gentleman. He spoke gently and his manner was
gentle and truly honourable. He was never known to be boisterous in the House. I remember in one of our Parliamentary meetings, he moved
to cut the vote of the then Minister of Works by one shilling. “I went to his house one day, he entertained me with half bottle of Heineken beer”
he joked. Everybody burst to laughter. – Author
Adegoke Adelabu: Adegoke Adelabu was like an idol, the strongman of Ibadan politics. Who dared look up to his face! He did not hide his
indignation and contempt for those who were not Ibadan indigenes. On one occasion, I had cause to mention the name of Awolowo, as a great
Yoruba leader. He quickly stopped me by calling me ‘Ohanran’ — Author
The 1965 Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in London: Chief Samuel Lana raised the issue of the Unilateral Declaration of
Independence in South Africa by Ian Smith as matter as a matter of urgent public importance. The matter generated heat on the floor of the
House of Commons. His argument was that, as a subject of the Queen, Ian Smith needed to be sanctioned. Speaking in line with Lana, but in
a roaring voice, I condemned Ian Smith and warned that the Blacks remove his yoke off their heads. Our contribution sounded too harsh, to
them. To them, mine was suggesting insurrection against the Queen. The Honourable members of the House of Commons present looked at
us with disdain. At the close of the meeting, Lana was called upon to give the vote of thanks to the Queen.
AT THE ST ANDREWS TEACHERS TRAINING COLLEGE, OYO: My bravery and frankness endeared me to our Principal, George Button.
On one occasion in the night, we were supposed to be sleeping. All lights must be off. But we were flagrant. I opened up and told him ‘I was
not sleeping because I had some letters to write”. And this was exactly what I was doing when we heard your footstep sir. The Principal
punished us all. But he developed love and adoration for me simply because he knew I would always say the truth.’’
EARLY YEARS IN IPETU-IJESHA: My mother was a woman of never-ending industry. We woke early at the first cockcrow – between 3.30
and 4.00 a.m, took with us prepared food wrapped in leaves – corn cake or cooked beans of all kinds and pap. If we were bound for Igbara
Odo 15 miles away we reached our destination before taking our meal. If our destination was Ogotun – 9 miles away, we might purchase all
we needed before taking our breakfast. We usually bought clay pots from Igbara-Odo and mats from Ogotun – all for resale on market days in
Ipetu-Ijesa. Also, after school, I sometimes fetched firewood, which could fetch me from four to six pence.
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A Book on How Nigeria Is Indelibly Challenging World Christianity NIGERIA’S LEADING LIGHTS OF THE GOSPEL – Revolutionaries in Worldwide Christianity

Abuja –NIGERIA: Author Femi Adelegan’s nonfiction book highlights Nigeria’s indelible contributions to global evangelism
Excerpt from Book Review: Author Femi Adelegan’s nonfiction book:“NIGERIA’S LEADING LIGHTS OF THE GOSPEL:
Revolutionaries In Worldwide Christianity unearths the mysterious persistence of God’s calling, the often stubborn resistance
of the called, the eventual surrender, and the justification of the calling of notable Nigerian priests of God. Many of these
characters did not enter into their canonical office without a few faltering steps; but again, like the Biblical Peter, some of them
had cause to doubt the purpose of their calling and felt miserably sorry at some point in their terestrial journeys. But then, the
One who prayed for Peter to be restored is an eternal advocate whose gift and calling are without repentance. It is very sobering
to imagine the great patience of our Lord who stood at the door of the hearts of many of today’s great preachers knocking for so
long, expecting a positive answer. Like the story of Peter the fisherman, in the Book of Luke chapter 5 verses 1-11, many of
today’s leading lights of the gospel met Jesus in their state of frustration” The similarity between those miraculous acts recorded
in the Bible, and the ones documented in NIGERIA’S LEADING LIGHTS OF THE GOSPEL goes a long way to confirm that
indeed, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.’’– Reviewer, Bamidele Salam.
EXCERPT:One significant achievement of this book is the ability of Femi Adelegan to highlight Nigeris's indelible
impact on global Christianity and our unique African imprint on Christian spirituality and evangelistic outreach.
Christianity in Nigeria has not only produced shining lights, but the Church in Nigeria has both blessed, enriched, as
well as challenged World Christianity in the areas of self propagation, self government, creative adaptability, and
fidelity to the faith once delivered to the Saints. Like the heroes of faith who made the Honour Roll in Hebrews Chapter
Eleven, and like the African Fathers of the Early Church  after the Apostolic Age, like Tertulian, Clement, Origen,
Cyprian, Athanasius and Augustine, our Nigeria’s Shining Lights, both militant and triumphant have now been exposed
to the gaze of the Church – local, national and universal. – Retired Archbishop Lawrence Ayo Ladigbolu;
Methodist Church, Nigeria
FOREWORD: This book is a witness of God’s love and grace of God to men who are prepared to walk with Him to advance His
Kingdom here on earth. I applaud and commend the author of the book, Femi Adelegan, for his deep biblical insights of how
many of these ministers of the gospel became God’s favourite vessels in propagating the gospel and enthroning righteousness in
the nation. – Gen. (Dr) Yakubu Gowon, Nigeria’s Head of State (1966-1975) & Chairman, NIGERIA PRAYS MOVEMENT
An excerpt from the Author:
‘’This work is a comprehensive compilation on Nigerian ministers of the Gospel, who are spreading the Gospel according to
Jesus Christ; contributing tremendously to the global move to free people from the clutches of the devil, The 43 ecumenical
personalities in this compilation have contributed tremendously to the spread of Christianity and have been mightily used by God
to liberate the oppressed and those in bondage even beyond the shores of Nigeria. As readers peruse, they will most probably
be filled with feelings of empathy that would undoubtedly strengthen them to tap into grace and flow in His divine wisdom while
enjoying the mercy of God. Afterall, it is perfectly permissible in the Scriptures for us to covet spiritual things. All who lust for
divine service must be prepared to enjoy all the God-given privileges by walking with God by serving Him faithfully’’
About the Author : Femi Adelegan is an author of several book publications particularly on good governance. He is time-tested
bureaucrat, technocrat, thinker, writer, author and publisher. Adelegan is a church leader and prolific writer of spiritual resources
and Christian grace which can inspire and challenge many others to love the Lord more, and to serve Him with greater zeal and
devotion so that more and more disciples can be raised to spread scriptural holiness throughout the world.
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