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Let me commence by congratulating my colleagues, all the civil servants of our State, for witnessing another year’s civil service week,specifically set aside for celebrating and rewarding excellence among your rank and file, as a way to motivate and promote better performance in the service you all render to the government and people of our State.

To the glory of God,we started the Administration of the new OSUN State in 1991 with a Civil Service that came with the age-long virtues of Discipline, Dedication, Hardworking and patriotism inherited from the old Western Region which made that Service the best in the Federation and a positive point of reference nationally and internationally. No wonder we were able to lay a good foundation, with little or nothing and within a short space of 4 months and thus bequeathed a worthy Civil Service to the Administration that succeeded ours.

There is no gainsaying the fact that a lot of vicissitudes has befallen our much beloved Service thereafter. We are,however,happy that the Service is now becoming vibrant. Thanks to Governor Oyetola’s acknowledgment of this fact,his realization of the importance of a sound and effective Civil Service to efficient public service delivery and his determination to turn things positively around for our good.

This is coupled with the effort of a dynamic and committed Head Of Service in the person of Dr Olowogboyega Oyebade who is suitably mobilizing the civil service in support of the good efforts of the State Administration.No wonder the silent revolution we are now witnessing in almost all areas of governmental activities throughout our State ,in the face of the prevailing paucity of financial resources.

We believe that the positive signs we are seeing are results of the synergy and cooperation between the Civil Service and the present political leadership of this State and thus the beginning of greater things that will be our lot under Governor Oyetola’s Administration. I thank the Governor for his love and effort to maintain a vibrant Civil Service ,our constituency, an institution we are proud of anytime and any day. I call on all our civil servants, and particularly, the higher service to continue to collaborate with Governor Oyetola’s Administration to fulfill her lofty plans/ policies/programmes for our State.

Truly, a vibrant Civil Service is a great asset to any government of the day. And this will be so when you have an Administration that is ready to allow the service to perform without unnecessary interference and /or hinderance, with due training and motivation. Our Governor has opted for this; and his style and approach have greatly endeared him to the civil servants and indeed all of us.I am, thus,convinced that he will continue to succeed.

As we all know,the Civil Service is the engine room of any administration, It is involved in policy formulation and implementation. It has remained the agent of continuity from one government to the other, especially when there are changes in government of the day in contemporary times from one party to another opposing party.

Realising this critical role and the attendant challenges that today’s governments are facing in managing their economies,the Civil Servants’ strategic role comes to play to ensure that the government of the day does not fail in her responsibilities and obligations to the citizenry.

This is a task for you all Civil Servants . I, therefore,charge you,my colleagues,to live up to expectation and do the needful at all times.
I equally admonish the political class to grant the Civil Servants the necessary honour they deserve and afford them favorable environment to perform their responsibilities.There is division of labour in all human establishments and as such, there is the need for both parties to observe the necessary boundaries in the overall interest of both the political elites and the Career Civil Servants.

I thank the Governor,Mr Adegboyega Oyetola, particularly for not defaulting in the regular payment of salaries and pensions as well as the implementation of the new minimum wage in the State, thereby ensuring job security for the workers. These are no doubt impressive steps and motivating factors for effective service delivery by civil servants.I can only appeal to you ,Mr Governor,to continue on this right path by doing more for our civil servants and you can be sure that you will get the best from them.

Please, allow me to touch a vexed issue. This is the need to appoint eligible civil servants to the post of Permanent Secretaries; more so that the vacancies are there. The post of Coordinating Directors which have been given undue prominence in this state is not recognised in all public service rules and it is in fact an aberration.If Government does not have the needed resources to pay new permanent secretaries, eligible officers could be appointed in acting capacity ,with say token percentage acting allowance.

To whom much is given, much is expected. Most civil servants, here, are citizens and stakeholders in OSUN state project. You must all, therefore, not be found wanting in delivering the needed efficient service to the State and the government. This is the only way to reciprocate the good gesture of the Governor and ensure the unimpeded realization of the programmes and plans of the existing Administration and the dream of our founding fathers.

At this juncture,Let me appeal to our Governor to kindly add this venue (OSUN State Staff Development Centre) to his on-going transformation efforts by upgrading it suitably. A lot of In-service training can effectively take place here for all cadres of the service using in- house resources, particularly now that there is no foreign exchange for overseas training.

I need to add that the Association of Retired Heads of Service and Permanent Secretaries, of which I am the chairman, is ever prepared to collaborate with the Civil Service and indeed the government of the State to enhance the quality of the Civil Service by way of training and retraining. We need to take Osun State civic service even beyond the efficiency of the former Western Region civil service.

Before concluding this message, let me state “OSUN State civil Service of my dream” as follows:
1. A service that will creditably perform the role of state building in conjunction with the political leaders.
2. A first class civil service that is insulated from politics with total loyalty to Osun State.
3. A service that is systematically and deliberately trained to cope with the challenges of this decade—-technology, ICT
4. A service where recruitment of officers cadre is based on merit where quota will not override merit.
5. A service with attractive and comparable remuneration package which is adequate for decent living.
6. Service that is absolutely committed to facilitating rapid development and the realization of the founding fathers’ dreams.
7. Service that can hold its own anywhere-public and private sectors.

I congratulate all our civil servants, again, on this joyous occasion of another year’s celebration.
May God continue to bless our beloved State, the Government of Governor Oyetola and all of you.
Thank you.

BEING A GOODWILL MESSAGE DELIVERED ON THE OCCASION OF THE CELEBRATION OF YEAR 2021 CIVIL SERVICE WEEK IN OSUN STATE ON WEDNESDAY 23RD JUNE, 2021 BY Chief Moses Inaolaji Aboaba, Pioneer Secretary to the Government and Head of Service, OSUN State & Chairman, Association Of Retired Heads Of Service And Permanent Secretaries, Osun State.


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