THE ROLE OF THE MEDIA IN THE MODERN DAY CHURCH — The Imperatives, Opportunities & Challenges


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ANGLICAN CABLE TELEVISION NIGERIA — KEEPING THE ORTHODOX FAITH ALIVE Let me commence by stating how highly delighted I am to be here today to contribute to this soul-searching move to evolve more practical and rewarding steps directed at ensuring that this television station achieves even more than the aspirations of its proprietors. I should like to commend the board and management of ACNN for not resting on their oars. I was born into the Anglican Church by somewhat hyper-active Anglican parents. But I have always believed that whatever faith you profess, getting into heaven is the most important issue that should bother our minds. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT & GATEKEEPING ROLES OF THE MEDIA: Information management and processing entail a great deal of activity than people generally imagine. Every so often, it is an activity that is taken for granted; a reaction that should not be so. This compilation treats information management and the generic concepts of management, including planning, organizing, structuring, processing, controlling, evaluation, and reporting of information activities. Reflecting on what the world would look like without information-sharing activities could only point in one direction – unimaginable total and uncontrollable chaos. This is one of the reasons for the maxim: ‘’Information is power.’’ Purveyors of information are no less affected by the need to provide information and feedback that are required for achieving goals and objectives. Information management is one of the hardest tasks. In all societies and corporate organizations, information is required at all levels to be able to promote understanding, foster, and attain targets and objectives. Information management is an activity that has proven to be very delicate. Delicate because a single dose of misinformation could be disastrous.  THE INFLUENCE OF THE MEDIA & TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS We are in an ever changing world of technological advancements. From the time the first printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450, rapid and stunning technological advancements have been recorded in telecommunications. By 1962, the invention of Telstar Satellite made it possible to make international live broadcasts that are today capable of reaching billions of people simultaneously all over the world. Developments have birthed the concept of ‘’the global village’’ that has become a house-hold coinage, mouthed all over the world.  It simply means that the whole world, big and vast as it is, has been compressed into a ‘’village’’ by technological advancements, that have made it possible for occurrences…

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