Saturday, March 6, 2021
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RESCUE MISSION – AGRICULTURE & THE CREATIVE INDUSTRY AS VIABLE OPTIONS TO ILLEGAL MIGRATION – THE ERA OF WHITE COLLAR JOBS IS GONE: by Femi Adelegan   Events of the past few years in Libya and European nations combine to invite our attention to the reality – Our fate and future lie in our own hands. No foreign interest would be genuinely concerned about the development of our society like Nigerians. It is to be noted that no amount of foreign interest or support would be adequate to substitute for indigenous engagement in finding solutions to our common problems. No solution can be more enduring than home-grown solutions. It was common in the 1950s 60s and 70s, to find fresh university graduates walking straight from their campuses into employments in the civil service and the private sector as senior officials with fantastic salary packages. In actual fact, organizations visit the campuses to recruit promising graduates before the completion of their studies. Within one week, they would have secured car loans to purchase their first cars, rent beautiful apartments, marry their suitors and commence building highly lucrative careers. The jobs are no longer there as the market is saturated. It is obvious that following the global economic reconfiguration, Africa’s leadership must be prepared to adjust and adapt in order to put in place the necessary structural adjustments. It has been established that social development programmes may fail if misdirected to a wrong target audience.   We all must, therefore, muster all the resources available, and strategize for the implementation of programmes structured to reach the target audience. The dreams and aspirations of the young ones are every so often violated by such vices as child labour, forced marriages, discrimination, violence, lack of equal opportunities, and shirking of responsibilities by parents and organizations with parental responsibilities. There are enormous opportunities in Nigeria waiting to be tapped. One of the problems created by the discovery of crude oil is the neglect of Agriculture which used to be the mainstay of the economy. People abandoned the farms in millions to seek greener pastures and good living in cities and urbanized settlements. Youths too look up to thousands of Nigerians making a living in Western countries and seek to join them. If they can’t go through the legitimate process, they pursue the ambition of travelling abroad with reckless abandon. They forget that the Western nations…

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