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OUR GUIDE, Rev (Dr) Mike Oye, a Naturopath/Alternative Medicine practitioner points out that it is very possible to live healthy without drugs through good diets, discipline, and adequate appropriation of nature. He asserts that whatever is natural is always better for human consumption than the synthetic alternatives. In continuation of our series on the USE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE through the preparation of herbs from plants that abound in our natural environment. Today, we continue with our exposition on medicinal herbs and plants with an expose on MUSTARD SEEDS. BOTANICAL NAME: BRASSICA NIGRA (CRUCIFREA) ENGLISH NAME: Mustard Seeds Health Benefits • Mustard has laxative effects, because of the presence of mucilage’s. • It has anti-inflammatory properties. • It is an excellent source of protein, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. • Mustard baths are recommended for headaches, cold and cough. • The seeds are used for treating respiratory problems. • Rheumatic pain and neuralgia are also reduced through the use of mustard baths • Drinking a mixture of mustard powder in water can treat intoxication, the mixture will induce vomiting. • It is a blood purifier and an emetic • Externally, mustard oil is used to stimulate local circulation but it should not be used on tender, sensitive areas. • Bronchitis, asthma, and pneumonia can be treated by applying mustard flour poultice on the chest. When the poultice is removed, the chest should be covered with a warm material. Mustard Oil • Mustard oil in the food helps protect against heart disease. The oil is rich in unsaturated fats, which help to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. This can lead to obesity, kidney diseases and hyperthyroidism • The oil is anti-bacterial, benefitting the whole digestive tract. Externally, it can treat both bacterial and fungal infections. • It can be used for massaging. The high level of vitamin E in the oil helps to improves skin health. • It can help protect the skins from free radicals, ultraviolent light, and pollution. • It can reduce fine lines and wrinkle on the skin. • Vitamin E in mustard can help protect circulation and enhance immunity. TERRIFIC HEADLINES counsels that you contact a qualified and certified Naturopath/Alternative Medical Practitioner for the right dosage and prescription for this herbal plant. Our GUIDE, Revd (Dr) Mike Oye, a Doctoral degree holder in Agriculture is also a specialist in Naturopathy. CONTACT OFFICE ADDRESS: Joy House, Near Neubertosh…

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