Sunday, March 7, 2021
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OUR GUIDE, Rev (Dr) Mike Oye, a Naturopath/Alternative Medicine practitioner points out that it is very possible to live healthy without drugs through good diets, discipline, and adequate appropriation of nature. He asserts that whatever is natural is always better for human consumption than the synthetic alternatives. In continuation of our series on the USE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE through the preparation of herbs from plants that abound in our natural environment. Today, we continue with our exposition on medicinal herbs and plants with an expose on LOCUST BEAN; WEST AFRICAN LOCUST BEAN ENGLISH NAME: LOCUST BEAN; WEST AFRICAN LOCUST BEAN. PARKIA BIGLOBOSA (LEGUMINOSEAE: mimosoideae) AFRICAN NAMES: NIGERIA: Yoruba = Iru; Hausa = daddawaa; Igbo = Ogiri Igala. GHANA: Asante = soronoo; Fante = asoma. SIERRA LEONE: Kissi = kosio; Krio = lokos GAMBIA: Diola = agilae; Wolof = houlle COTE D’IVIORE: Vulgar = nere; Baule = kpale Description A tree to 30mm high, low-branching, flowering while leafless, bearing pendulous, large fruit pods. Found mainly is savannah lands of West Africa. Health Benefits The bark infusion is taken as a tonic and anti-diarrohetic. The bark is analgesic in mouth wash and steam inhalation for toothache. A bark decoction is used to treat orchitis. The bark has wide usage for female sterility, bronchitis, pneumonia, and otitis, skin infection, and leprosy. A bark decoction is considered anti-rachitic, tonic and febrifugal. The bark is chewed by men for lack of virility. The root, less the bark, is dried and powdered, mixed with Shea-butter, and applied to children’s bodies to treat convulsion. The young unexpanded flower-buds can be used as prophylactic for leprosy. Seeds can be roasted and used for tea, which serves as aphrodisiac and tonic. The seed is capable of making fowl water potable. The fermented seeds are rich in proteins. The yellow meal of the fruit is rich in vitamins B and C and is abundant in amino acids. The yellow meal is emollient and refreshing in febrile states. The seeds are oily, containing the fatty acids oleic, linoleic, palmitic and stearic. CONTACT OFFICE ADDRESS: Joy House, Near Neubertosh Chemical Industry, Ofatedo, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. Mobile Nos: +234-803-450-1902; (234) 8106682128; OFFICE: +234-8163441767; +234 (0) 9061905566; +234 (0) 8065331226. UNITED STATES: 397 Sally Road, Yardley, Philadelphia; PA 19067, United States. Mobile No: +1-267-274-8356 E-MAIL:;…

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