Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Dr. Akin Adesina responses to 16 Allegations against him as President AfDB Group ALLEGATION 1: Not proved. ALLEGATION 2: Appointment of Mrs Chinelo ANOHU-AMAZU RESPONSE : Ms. Chinelo Anohu-AMAZU was recruited via a globally advertised, open, competitive recruitment process. The search process was carried out by a top notch external recruitment firm, Russell Reynolds UK. She was 1 of 2 top candidates (both women) recommended to me as President to consider for appointment by the panel I can state categorically that allegations made against her are untrue and defamatory.   ALLEGATION 3: Appointment & promotions of Martin FREGENE RESPONSE: Mr Fregene is NOT my brother-in-law. There is no evidence he is. Second, Mr Fregene is a world-class geneticist internationally renowned for his work on plant genetics of cassava, and who worked earlier at CIAT, Colombia, one of CGIAR centres, and subsequently as Director at Danforth Plant Science Centre (probably the second largest private agricultural research centres in the US.  He returned from diaspora to Nigeria to work as Chief Technical Advisor when I was Nigeria’s Agriculture Minister. He was hired as consultant by the Bank’s VP for Agric, Human & Social Development, Jennifer Blake, to support her in developing the Bank’s Feed Africa strategy. I approved the recommended hire which was entirely within my power to do.   ALLEGATION 4: Mismanagement of TAAT programme RESPONSE: Allegations against me concerning the TAAT are belied by objective and solid facts demonstrating no violation by me of the Code of Conduct. TAAT is an initiative of the Bank developed to help take agricultural technologies to the scale of millions of farmers across Africa. Although some staff made some mistakes in procurement process, this is being investigated by the Bank and no findings have been made yet. There is no impropriety. The President does not get involved in contractual issues in the Bank, except in cases involving matters that may affect the image, reputation and interests of the Bank.   ALLEGATION 5: Appointments and promotions of Mrs Maria MULINDI RESPONSE: Ms Maria Mulindi worked with me prior to joining the Bank. She was part of my transition management team as I prepared to take office at the Bank following my election as President, and she very ably led all engagements with the Bank with my transition team. All Presidents of the Bank are allowed to bring in and appoint their own Chief of Staff…

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