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A Book on God’s Move in Nigeria & Prominent Nigerian Ecumenical Personalities on Divine Assignments


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NIGERIA’S LEADING LIGHTS OF THE GOSPEL: Revolutionaries In Worldwide Christianity –  By: Femi Adelegan

MY WITNESS: This 545-page book is a product of my appreciation of God’s mercies upon my life. In the course of my political outing, I came close to death innumerable times; but four of these were very remarkable. All these involved guns, placed on my chest or stomach. But God frustrated those scary attempts. It started in Year 2007, when my wife and my humble self were abducted in broad daylight. God released us. Next, my private residence was violated and my laptop computer that contained the manuscripts of this book was taken away. – A momentary setback. I relaxed. Then I relocated to Abuja in 2012, only to receive mobile phone calls that assassins were after my life! It was such a horrible development that took me to the Offices of the then Inspector General of Police and the DG of the SSS. I wondered what I did wrong. I never has a business associate and I never competed for any political position with anybody. I have always preferred to go my way quietly. But then, it seemed to me that I probably had more adversaries than friends; as Jeremiah 17 asserts: ” The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?! Psalm 118:8 says ”it is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man” I remembered that there is nobody going through this world unchallenged; which is why all of us should move closer to God. There is, indeed, a thin line between life and death. And this is one of the reasons I will never take the grace of God for granted.


NIGERIA’S LEADING LIGHTS OF THE GOSPEL: Revolutionaries In Worldwide Christianity –  By: Femi Adelegan —- A Book on God’s Move in Nigeria & Prominent Nigerian Ecumenical Personalities on  Divine Assignments

AUTHOR Femi Adelegan’s nonfiction book: “NIGERIA’S LEADING LIGHTS OF THE GOSPEL: Revolutionaries In Worldwide Christianity tells the stories of Great Revivals & Revivalists. The book unearths the mysterious persistence of God’s calling, the often stubborn resistance of the called, the eventual surrender, and the justification of the calling of notable Nigerian priests of God who are involved in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Many of these characters did not enter into their canonical office without a few faltering steps; but again, like the Biblical Peter, some of them had cause to doubt the purpose of their calling and felt miserably sorry at some point in the journey. But then, the One who prayed for Peter to be restored is an eternal advocate whose gift and calling are without repentance. It is very sobering to imagine the great patience of our Lord who stood at the door of the hearts of many of today’s great preachers knocking for so long, expecting a positive answer. Like the story of Peter the fisherman, in the book of Luke chapter 5 verses 1-11, many of today’s leading lights of the gospel met Jesus in their state of frustration” – Reviewer, Bamidele Salam

 ‘’This book highlights Nigeria’s indelible impact on global Christianity; and our unique African imprint on Christian spirituality and evangelistic outreach. Christianity in Nigeria has not only produced shining lights, but the Church in Nigeria has both blessed, enriched, as well as challenged World Christianity in the areas of self-propagation, self-government, creative adaptability, and fidelity to the faith once delivered to the Saints’’ – Retired Archbishop Lawrence Ayo Ladigbolu; Methodist Church, Nigeria

An excerpt from NIGERIA’S LEADING LIGHTS OF THE GOSPEL’This work is a comprehensive compilation on Nigerian ministers of the Gospel that are spreading the Gospel according to Jesus Christ; contributing tremendously to the global move to free people from the clutches of the devil, as well as dislodge the kingdom of Satan on earth. ‘’The ecumenical personalities in this compilation have contributed tremendously to the spread of Christianity and have been mightily used by God to liberate the oppressed and those in bondage even beyond the shores of Nigeria. ‘’One salient fact is that we are God’s ambassadors on earth. It behoves us to always live to please Him everywhere and every time.  And as you peruse this publication, you will most probably be filled with feelings of empathy which would undoubtedly strengthen you to tap into grace and flow in His divine wisdom while enjoying the mercy of God. Afterall, it is perfectly permissible in the Scriptures for us to covet spiritual things. In doing so, we all must be prepared to enjoy all the God-given privileges by walking with God’’  The similarity between those miraculous acts recorded in the Bible, and the ones documented in NIGERIA’S LEADING LIGHTS OF THE GOSPEL goes a long way to confirm that indeed, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.’’

 This book is a compendium of blessing and calls for celebration of God’s grace and mercy over Nigeria; written by the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit. The author tells the stories of great revivals spanning throughout the breadth and length of the nation, all brought about through prayers, obedience to God’s laws, and the dedication of many of these great servants of God produced by Nigeria. The book is a witness of God’s love and grace of God to men who are prepared to walk with Him to advance His Kingdom here on earth. – Gen. (Dr) Yakubu Gowon, Nigeria’s Head of State (1966-1975) & Chairman, NIGERIA PRAYS MOVEMENT

 About the Author : Femi Adelegan is a time-tested bureaucrat, technocrat, writer, author and publisher. Adelegan is a church leader and prolific writer spiritual resources and Christian grace which can inspire and challenge many others to love the Lord more, and to serve Him with greater zeal and devotion so that more and more disciples can be raised to spread scriptural holiness throughout our land and our world. Publishers; Terrific Investment & Consulting, offers consultancy services in diverse fields including book publishing & investment promotion.

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