Home Democracy Why Joe Biden should be our next Commander-in-Chief –Hillary Clinton

Why Joe Biden should be our next Commander-in-Chief –Hillary Clinton


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Photo Credit: Michael Davidson The United States faces multiple overlapping crises right now and meeting this moment is going to take a competent, compassionate, clear-eyed President. It’s always important who we choose to lead the most powerful country on earth, but now more than ever we really have to get this right. I could write whole volumes about the failures of the current occupant of the Oval Office, from the way he’s mismanaged the pandemic to how he encourages white supremacists. But what I want you to know before you vote is this: it’s not just that Donald Trump is the wrong choice — it’s that Joe Biden is the right one. In particular, with just weeks until Election Day, I want to share a bit about why there is no better person to lead us as Commander-in-Chief. I’ve worked closely with Joe Biden on the most consequential matters of war and peace, I’ve seen his judgement and experience firsthand, and I know he will keep America safe and strong.   Over the past four years, we’ve had a commander-in-chief without experience, vision, or values — and it’s been an unmitigated disaster. More Americans have died during Trump’s mismanagement of COVID-19than in the wars  in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan all put together. While we all wish the President, the First Lady, and the many infected senior administration officials a full recovery, it’s clear that Trump’s already reckless approach to the virus is getting even more dangerous. That’s not all. American democracy is also under attack, most notably by the President himself who is determined to delegitimize the upcoming election and undermine voting rights. And on top of everything else, he seems hell-bent on jamming through the confirmation of an extreme Supreme Court nominee without letting the American people have their say. There’s no question: Under Trump, the United States is weaker, sicker, poorer, more divided, and dangerously unprepared for future threats, from new pandemics to the climate crisis to growing challenges from China and Russia. The alliances that keep us safe are frayed, our military has been abused and mismanaged, and other key national security agencies have been hollowed out. And this year, as we scrambled to find basic medical equipment and other key supplies, we’ve seen how much America is dependent on other countries — especially China — instead of building the things we need here at home. That’s part…

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