5th PASTOR E.A. ADEBOYE ANNUAL BIRTHDAY PUBLIC LECTURE — LECTURER: — Emeritus Prof. (Elder) Michael Abiola Omolewa.


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LECTURER: Emeritus Prof. (Elder) Michael Omolewa. President of the 32nd Session of UNESCO General Conference

Several personalities have unique ways of appreciating God Almighty for making them witness another anniversary of their entry into the world. Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, an apostle of purity and holiness has stated innumerable times that: “My life is a proof of the fact that God can lift up a man from the dungeon and cause him to sit among princes. I came from a background of nothing, raised in a Church that was almost nothing. But then, I am what I am today by the grace of God.”  Daddy Adeboye’s humility is so well-known and reflected in everything that surrounds him. It has also become the hallmark of the Redeemed Christian Church of God which he has led since he was appointed the head of the Church in 1981. The foregoing is probably because of Adeboye’s philosophy that clearly emphasizes the power and glory of God in all he does rather than highlight his own personal achievements or contributions to the phenomenal growth of the Church and the Body of Christ. All he would say whenever appreciated is:  Glory Be to God.

Within the three years that he was at the helm of affairs of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, he emphasized the need to focus on Jesus Christ; stating that: ‘’It is necessary that we replicate Christ’s pattern of life and ministry. His main focus was to announce the Father and not himself. I also resisted elaborate introduction when I was being ushered to the podium, threatening to walk out of the congregation if they refused to heed my warning.”  He continues: “Like John the Baptist, we should hide behind the cross and only lift up the One who paid for our sins on the Cross” (Matthew 3:11-12)  Daddy G.O. will, by the special grace of God turn 77 years old in March, 2019.

The fifth annual Public Lecture organized in honour of the legend will hold at the University of Lagos, on February 6, 2019. The lecture is to be delivered by the President of the 36th Session of UNESCO General Conference, Emeritus Prof. (Elder) Michael Omolewa. (Please see the invitation below) I have jokingly told Elder Omolewa that he has fixed the lecture during a period that Daddy G.O must be interceding for we: elite and political groups that I have described as ‘’rough edges’’ We must be Daddy G.O’s concern now, because he wants God to forgive and prosper us; and make Nigeria a great nation once again.


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