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ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE:MIKE OYE ON SATURDAY Revd (Dr) Mike Oyewho points out that it is very possible to live healthy without drugs through good diets, discipline, and adequate appropriation of nature. He asserted that whatever is natural is always better for human consumption than the synthetic alternatives. In continuation of our series on the USE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE through the preparation of herbs from plants that abound in our natural environment as plants, TERRIFIC HEADLINES, this week brings into your homes three plants that you may see very often but fail to know their usefulness. This is also one of our policies of promoting NIGERIAN MADE PRODUCTS. As usual, Revd Dr. Mike Oye, a doctoral degree holder and specialist in Naturopathy is our GUIDE. We shall be looking into the usefulness of NUTMEG, CASHEW, and RED PEPPER. As usual, we advise that you contact a qualified specialist in Herbal Drugs/Nathuropathist to know the right quantity of the plants/herbs to be used. MYRISTICA FRAGRANS (MYRISTICACEAE) ENGLISH NAME: NUTMEG Description Nutmeg is an evergreen tree native to Indonesian forests. It has been popular since ancient times for its outstanding aromatic, aphrodisiac and curative properties. Health Benefits Nutmegs improves circulation of blood in the body, helping to stimulate the brain. It improves the condition of cardiovascular diseases Nutmeg oil is effective as a liver tonic A small amount of nutmeg, about the size of a pea, can be taken once daily over a long period to relieve chronic nervous disorders and heart problems It can be useful for nausea Nutmeg oil is the main ingredient in herbal toothpaste, treating dental disorders It can act as an antiseptic It is an effective analgesic It can prevent cold and cough The oil can be applied to the body to sooth aching joints and muscles A cup of milk with nutmeg induces deep sleep Nutmeg is especially effective in helping with male sexual disorder. It will increase sexual activity, libido and potency without any conspicuous adverse effects. Warning! Large doses can be poisonous and may cause miscarriage.   UTESCENS (SOLANACEAE) ENGLISH NAME: Red Pepper, Cayenne pepper AFRICAN NAMES NIGERIA: Yoruba =Ata pupa; Hausa = barkono; Igbo = osebekee GHANA: Twi = makonsatea LIBERIA: Mano = Suo COTE D’IVOIRE: Ando = kpese TOGO :Bassari = jeginga   Description A biennial sub-shrub Health Benefits Leaves can be taken for cough and heart pain Leaf decoction is good against asthma, cough…

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