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ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE: TROPICAL SPICES AND THEIR HEALTH BENEFITS MEET REVD (DR) MIKE OYE ON SATURDAYS God has been kind to Africa in terms of natural resources. Africa is tremendously rich in several natural resources, including agriculture; but less than 10 per cent of arable land in Africa is being utilized for farming, thus leaving huge cultivable arable lands on the vast continent uncultivated. Regrettably, the tremendously blessed continent, as at 2013, was the poor estregion in the world. It is evidently for this reason that the President of the African Development Bank, Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina has asserted categorically that the billions being chased around are actually of the farmlands.As a continent with a collective GDP of about US$2 trillion,Africa holds about 14 percent of the world’s population, and more than 60 percent of uncultivated arable land. Regrettably, less than 10 percent of arable land in Africa is being cultivated. What this means is that Africans must be mobilized in the pursuit of good governance, and the proper utilization of the continent’s several human and natural resources, particularly agriculture. Our guide, Revd (Dr) Mike Oye has pointed out that it is very possible to live healthy without drugs through good diets, discipline, and adequate appropriation of nature. Hence, it is high time we appreciated what we have before we lose them or pay direly to access them.According to him, it is always good to remember that God created resources for all that man would ever need before the creation of man. He created herbs for the healing of the nations (Ezekiel47V12).God made products are always better than man made products. The best of science is to discover a little of the wisdom of God in creation and never to fault it. Thus, whatever is natural is always better for human consumption than the synthetic alternatives. Unfortunately, so many gifted local alternative medical practitioners, who never went to any school but inherited the formula from their progenitors have died with their useful knowledge. Their products and claims could have been subjected to tests by the appropriate agencies of government, but they never parted with their rich knowledge of traditional medicine. As advocates and promoters ofHOME MADE PRODUCTS, we will try, to the best of our endowments, to invite the attention of our loyal readers and friends to these products. Today, we bring into your homes a compilation by an expert in Alternative…

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