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The quote above is taken from Matthew 12:34. According to Jesus Christ, it is what the heart formulates that the mouth speaks. Utterances depict a personality. Many centuries ago, the words of traditional rulers were final, even concerning taking of human lives in accordance with culture and traditions. Modernization and the swiftness with which it came corrected this anomaly.  Centuries past, royal fathers in what came to be known as Nigeria hardly spoke in public. They never ate in public either. Their word was law, and they had the power of life and death; and were able to order summary execution of human beings. You could never question a traditional ruler because that would be regarded an abomination; hence the title ‘’Kabiyesi.’’ But they had, and still have genuine concern for their people, regarded by customs and traditions as their children. Today, traditional rulers are chief mobilizers of their domains. The role of neutrality expected of them in democratic settings is a difficult task, which they must perform for the sake of peace and prosperity. Communities in Nigeria in the past few decades have realized the need to enthrone highly educated and sophisticated personalities who could make development happen.

HIS EXCELLENCY, EMIR SANUSI LAMIDO SANUSI 11 – A PROGRESSIVE MONARCH: One of the modern monarchs is His Excellency, Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi 11; a very bold, courageous and progressive royal father. He is noted for his no holds barred approach to voicing his opinions. In recognition of the fact that royal fathers have a huge role to play with regard to restoring our sagging morals and promote family values, TERRIFIC HEADLINES has dug into records to bring you some of the opinions of Emir Sanusi on issues pertaining to the family and gender matters.

VIEWS OF THE EMIR OF KANO: REFLECTIONS OF THE EMIR OF KANO ON GENDER EQUALITY:  THE MOST IMPORTANT THING A FATHER CAN DO FOR HIS CHILDREN IS TO LOVE THEIR MOTHER: His Excellency, Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi needs no introduction. His views on societal issues could, at times be vitriolic; but are uttered for the common good. For instance, Emir Sanusi has come out openly to condemn all forms of violence against women, stating that men should treat women with respect. He said: ‘’Truth be told, a man wouldn’t want someone hitting his daughter, so he shouldn’t hit someone else’s daughter. ‘’When a man hits a woman, it gives him a measurement of his control. ‘’He is not treating her with respect. Instead of her being his equal, she allows him to place himself above her while she becomes the peasant. And the only reason why this happens is because those women allow it. ‘’The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.

 ON VIOLENCE: There are many excuses men use to justify hitting women, but none of them are legitimate. Some would even go as far as saying, “That’s how I was brought up. So this is normal.” This is NOT normal. It’s a mental sickness that needs to be rectified and we need to act on. ‘’In Africa, many men have internalized the idea that they are superior, and so tend to think of their spouses or women in general as objects to be owned. Violence against women is a violation of human rights, and also a form of discrimination against women. People should be recognized first as people and so be treated equally regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, race, and disability. No one deserves to be treated as trash.’’

THE HOTTEST PLACE IN HELL SHOULD BE RESERVED FOR WOMEN WHO GET TO POLITICAL OFFICE AND REFUSE TO PROTECT THE INTEREST OF WOMEN– WOMEN DO THE VOTING BUT ARE NOT PART OF THE DISCOURSE:‘’Women in Kano and Nigeria at large, and regretted that despite constituting more than 50 per cent of the population and vote more at elections, women don’t get a fair share in terms of socio-economic and political empowerment. Speaking about: “Women: A Needed Force in Politics and Polity,” was germane because “given the large number of women, it is a shame that women do the voting but are not part of the discourse. ‘’We need more women, who will fight for women issues not those who will get to power and stop other women from rising.” Disclosing that 58 per cent of children under five years in Kano suffer from malnutrition; 17 per cent suffer from acute malnutrition, which is 61 per cent in some states; 48 per cent of women of child bearing age are anaemic of iron deficiency; one out of every three children in Nigeria is stunted; Nigeria accounts for 20 per cent of stunted children in Africa, and seven per cent in the world. ‘’There is discrimination against women and lack of empowerment. “How many states in Nigeria have budgets for malnutrition? ‘’You say a woman should breastfeed for six months, is she going to breast feed without eating? If we train a girl child in school and she does not start having babies at 12, some of these negative indices will not be there. “If a woman is not ready to fight for women issues, she is worse than a man. The hottest place in hell should be reserved for women who get to political office and refuse to protect the interest of women,” (AT THE OLUSEGUN AGAGU FOUNDATION LECTURE – SEPTEMBER 13, 2018)

ON POVERTY MANAGEMENT AND THE AFRICAN CONTINENT: ‘’’Except proactive steps are taken to change the current trend, Nigeria may still remain the poverty capital of the world for many years to come. “If every country continues its present trajectory, by 2050, 80 per cent of all the poor people in the world will live on the African continent. But, that is not the frightening thing. One half of this 80 per cent will be in Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Two countries will account for 40 per cent of all the poor people in the world and Nigeria will therefore remain the poverty capital of the world.  “This (NIGERIA) is a country that has produced many great people. ‘’This is a country that has boasted of best professors, greatest intellectuals, and the most educated people. “In 1960, the per capital income in Nigeria was higher than what it was in South Korea, and China. My father was the first ambassador of Nigeria to China in 1972. ‘’In 1972, he had to go to Hong Kong every two weeks to buy essential commodities because they were not available in Beijing. He could not find milk, sugar and cornflakes in Beijing; he had to go to Hong Kong in 1972, not 100 years ago. “In 1974, when Deng Xiaoping started opening up in China, there were 700 million Chinese living in extreme poverty. ‘’Today, that number is down to only 30 million people in one generation. In 1974, China had only 8 million university graduates. ‘’Today, China has more than 300 million university graduates, more than the entire population of the United States of America.’’

WE HAVE POLICY DEFICIT: He continues: ‘’Yet, China did not have direct foreign investments; in fact China stopped it. “We talk about miracles, ancient miracles.’’ I don’t like the word miracles because miracles are associated with angels with wings that you do not see, coming from the sky. The Chinese are human beings like us and they did it. “When we say miracle, it sounds like something supernatural that has some certain powers to it. ‘’Every time you think about it, the only deficit we have is a policy deficit. “We have elections in 2019, I read the papers, I look at the television, and listen to the discussions; who is talking about education? Who is talking about nutrition? Who is talking about basic health? As a country, what are our priorities? We don’t have enough money for education. We don’t have enough money for health. We don’t have enough money for nutrition. ‘’But we have N1 trillion or N2 trillion to spend on petroleum subsidies. ‘’Where is our sense of what is important, and where is our investment in the future?’’

THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN & THE VALUES OF HUMAN BEINGS: “So, for all Nigerians, who care about this country, the real task before us is to know that we have 30 years on the outside in which we need to make sure that we do not become the poverty capital of the world, and slum of the world. “The earlier we realise that countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong in China, Singapore and Israel have become what they have become, not because they have found oil or diamond or gold, but because they have realised the values of human beings. ‘’The earlier we begin to take the path that will change this very sad trajectory, the better for us. “We should keep those numbers at the back of our minds because that is the future of our children and the future of our grandchildren. ‘’And this generation can take decisions that are necessary to make sure that crisis in the future is averted. ‘’I am sure everyone here is committed to this. I certainly will remain committed to it.” I hope we can all work together and build this country, and make it a country that we all know it can be. We know that Nigeria can be great. We all know it.’’

EXERT PRESSURE ON THOSE IN GOVERNMENT FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE:  “All those seeking political office, we hope will begin to join us, and we will continue to urge those outside politics to exert the right pressure on those in government to give us these policies, these thinking because that is the future of this country. “If you take Kano alone, today 58 per cent of all children under the age of five in Kano State suffer from chronic malnutrition. ‘’Out of that, 17 per cent has acute malnutrition. Globally, nine per cent is a crisis, but we have 17 per cent. Forty eight per cent of the children of all women of reproductive age suffer from anaemia, iron deficiency. We have almost four million children out of school. ‘’We have one of the highest infant mortality and maternal mortality rate in the country.

“These are the kinds of things that are not even featuring in political discourse. ‘’These are issues that confront us and these are the issues we must address to avert that future that has been so very tragically by Bill Gates and other economists. “Within Africa, we are having countries that are becoming excellent examples of what we can do with just a little bit of good thinking, combined with the right values. ‘’Our people have the ability, they are resilient, had working and intelligence to do it.” (Speech delivered after his induction as an honorary member of the Sigma Club of the University of Ibadan)

His Excellency, Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is one of the  ROYAL GUESTS OF HONOUR at an event being organized by TERRIFIC HEADLINES to promote FAMILY VALUES & VIRTUES; to holding in Lagos on Friday, May 17, 2019. The event is part of a social development campaign being prosecuted by TERRIFIC HEADLINES. – Create greater interest in the development of your children and wards, as well as family issues. This is the most potent way of advancing Nigeria along the path of prosperity.

Like Elder Felix Ohiwerei has pointed out, : ‘’ ‘’We are talking about change in Nigeria, but the first and most important change we need is a change of heart. ‘’Take away the carnal aspect of our lives, take away the heart of stone and replace it with the heart of flesh, one that looks up to God, that seeks to please Him, knowing that He is the Creator, the only one who can guide us and that all good things come from Him. ‘’When we develop that kind of heart, our value system will change again and the Holy Spirit will be our guide. ‘’You will have chaos and crises when you take God out of a situation and put man in His place, as we are going through in Nigeria today’’  – ELDER FELIX OHIWEREI

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